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  1. All that really matters is opportunity and fit. If you have a preference for a type of setting, talk to current and former students regarding practicum options available. Long-term, it’s just what practicum locations exist and if there are enough spots for everyone to get experience in exactly what they want. Ask if there are opportunities for students to advocate for contracts between the school and location if there isn’t one yet, in the case that there’s a localish practicum you want but the school doesn’t currently have a connection to the site. If you want to get crazy, ask for a list of sites the school has a contract with or connection to. Even if you think long-term in regard to furthering your education, you’ll be fine as long as you get some research experience, which even low-ranked universities should be able to offer. I went to a >180 ranked school because it was a state university that offered a TAship, and I’ve got several acceptances/interviews for a CSD PhD at schools ranked as highly as #3 on that US News ranking thing. Don’t go into insane debt, you’ll be fine as long as you’re cognizant of the above.
  2. Informal acceptance from my POI @ NYU. Super excited! They said there’s an administrative hold-up in distributing acceptances and such.
  3. I’m a practicum supervisor. My current student is in her final semester in the Speech@NYU program. As a supervisor, I can see that they manage to train you pretty well. NYU has contracts with sites all over the country (they are considering setting up a satellite campus in CA because so many students are on the west coast), so no worries there. She’s well-versed in many adult neurogenic treatment techniques and is independent enough to find more information. I assume part of that self-sufficiency is ingrained when you have to work through a rigorous program on your own time. The electives are great, better than the ones offered where I went to graduate school (a SUNY program). I would recommend it, at least from the perspective of a practicing clinician. The online vs. in-person argument seems situated around fit, as opposed to quality, at least in NYU’s case. Hopefully some current or former students can chime in on the class structure and level of support.
  4. It’s going to be okay. If the program doesn’t allow for a reschedule, it isn’t worth going to. It’s an easy mistake. They liked you enough to ask for an interview, so they must like you enough to reschedule one. Good luck for the real deal!
  5. Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get accepted soon. Looking at the ASHA EdFind tool, last year, they received 27 apps and accepted 4, enrolling 3. They did say that the department is expanding and they’ve received a lot of funding more recently. I’m not sure who your POI is, but I do know a handful of students are graduating. All in all, if we’re receiving interviews, we must be very close! 😀
  6. I got accepted to CUNY, received an invite to Madison's interview weekend (March 5/6), and participated in the NYU interview today. It's been eventful! Not sure if you had yours yet, @gradgirl2016, but they were incredibly nice and personable. They said the university requires them to select admitted students by the end of the month, but the results likely won't be in any earlier than that. They added that they had another 18 applicants to work through (not sure if they are all interviewing or if they're just reviewing their apps), as well.
  7. Congrats! I got an invite as well. Perhaps we will share a cohort. 😀
  8. BU contacted me for an interview! Their interview date is Feb 24, for anyone reading this. I’m both elated and surprised.
  9. if you can open yourself to the possibility of matriculating at other programs, I would apply more broadly. You seem to have a great profile, and if you can channel what you've written in your post into a coherent and thoughtful SOP, you are a shoo-in somewhere. As you already know, the programs you're applying to are, by the numbers, some most competitive in the country. Those programs receive hundreds of applications and accept ~10-20% of applicants, many of whom are admits from their undergradute program; however, if you aren't willing to compromise and are hellbent on an elite education, then don't. Let's go concern-by-concern: I'm concerned I didn't apply to enough schools/should apply to more. See above. Maybe I should be aiming a little lower. See above. It never hurts to have safety schools. I'm in my early 30s. I mean, it's fine but I'm a little scared about being in a cohort with fresh-faced undergraduates and not measuring up. Cohorts are creeping up in age. Think of what you were like at 21. You are every bit as worthy. My GRE could be better. The first time I took it, I did worse on the multiple choice and better on the AW, so it could definitely be worse. Admittedly I'm a lot better with quantitative reasoning when I'm not a total ball of anxiety, which is why I haven't forked out another $200ish in an effort to earn back that 5.5 and push my quant up. Maybe if I fail this round again I'll revisit that. *shivers* It's solid enough that it shouldn't barr you from admission. My SOP was SO HARD to write. As you may have noticed, I'm not very good at being brief. I'm concerned I didn't say everything I should have, or what I said may not have illustrated what I wanted it to. If there's still time, there are a handful of folk here who are willing to revise SOPs, myself included. Send me a PM if you're interested! My old GPA is still haunting me like Moaning Myrtle and looking at it in CSDCAS was like that part in "What Not to Wear" when you look in the 360 mirror, but not getting a $5,000 shopping spree afterward. ;_______; It's not a big deal; admissions committees don't harp on decisions made a decade ago. The idea of getting rejected from everywhere again after all of the work and sacrifice makes me more than a little sick to my stomach. Limbo is a mediocre game at best, but it's absolute murder when it becomes what your life looks like for too long. Stay strong, admissions season is mentally exhausting. Make sure to take care of yourself.
  10. Definitely! I applied to The Graduate Center at CUNY, NYU, BU, and UW-Madison. I would be happy with an admittance to any program, though my top choice is probably BU. What about you?
  11. I'm happy to look over any SOIs - I'm a graduate with three years of clinical experience, two as a supervisor, and I just applied to several CSD PhD programs. My mind is primed to edit statements. 🤣
  12. Hey! I haven't heard back from any programs yet, but I'm not too flustered. Judging by the dates reported by users in previous years, I wouldn't expect to hear back until the last week of January, unless the program had a December 1 or 15 deadline.
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