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  1. Congrats! On TT, not getting the CSU reject. I got in at Oneonta. Almost certainly wont be going there as it's a pretty bad fit for my interests. Pratt also sent me an email basically begging me to still attend, and I will if I dont get into my first choice. Speaking of... I'm sttiiiiilllllllll waiting on Boulder. Its driving my partner and me absolutely spare not being able to make definitive plans this close to the deadline.
  2. I had a dream last night that my #1 I'm still waiting to hear back from cancelled the program because of covid19 😢
  3. Yikes. Try to get a refund for the application fee if they're completely eliminating the track?
  4. I took a look at Boulder's academic schedule, and last week was grading week (today was the deadline to enter them) and their Spring Break is the 23rd-27th. So, this means that if we don't hear anything by the end of next week, it'll probably be at least the 30th before anything goes out.
  5. Has anyone else heard anything from Boulder? Portal updates, interview requests, anything? My partner and I need to start planning for a relocation but we can't really until I hear from them. I'm debating emailing the director but don't want to annoy him right before a decision or update goes out.
  6. Technically, the graduate school has to make a final decision, but this is usually just formality, so it should mean you're in.
  7. Update: Talked to Janet. She said that visits and interviews are handled on an individual reviewer basis and are usually preceded by a Skype interview.
  8. Huh. I talked to Dr. Simpson at a conference last year and he talked about it then. I might have been mistaken.
  9. Did it say when the accepted student/interview weekend would be?
  10. Someone put up an acceptance to Boulder's Museum Studies program on the Results page. If that person's here, can you share some details?
  11. It definitely wouldn't be for everyone, but since march starts next week I'm even more nervous. Oof.
  12. Has anyone heard back from Boulder regarding when the visitation weekend/interviews will be? I'm having some irrational anxiety that I already missed them and they just didnt bother to send me a rejection.
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