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  1. Got off the waitlist at the UofA, will be cancelling my acceptance to Western!
  2. Accepted off the waitlist at the UofA and will be cancelling my offer to Western!
  3. I had also asked this earlier in the thread and to my understanding you can work in Ontario no problem once you graduate from their program but would have to apply with the regulatory bodies of other provinces if you want to work elsewhere. I got some responses when I asked around page 18-19 of this thread (sorry couldn't figure out how to include it in my reply) but definitely check those out too
  4. Nope! Also still waiting, I'm trying to empathize with the difficulty of the current situation but the wait is driving me a little crazy especially since I have no idea why it would take so long to fill open spots haha best of luck to you, hoping they fill those spots and let everybody know soon
  5. Not at all! I'm accepting Western's offer! I'm also still waiting to hear from waitlist offers but right as of right now I'm pretty set on Western
  6. I already posted but wanted to respond directly to you, I just declined my McMaster offer so hopefully it opens up for you soon
  7. Thanks so much for that info! Good to know I will follow up with them!
  8. Hey everybody congrats to all of the applicants! I know how difficult this whole process is so if you didn't get in this year keep going! It's so difficult to not take anything personally when you've worked so hard but if it's something you're passionate about keep at it and I'm wishing you the best I was wondering if anybody had any insight into McMaster's accreditation status. I know that they currently have candidacy status and that graduates of the SLP program can practice in Ontario and McMaster can apply for accreditation in April 2022. I'm wondering what this would mean if you would like to practice in another province or if they do not get accreditation? I'm planning on emailing them but I just wondered if anybody on this forum has any insight. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm wondering how other McMaster interviewees are preparing for the MMI? I feel completely unprepared and in over my head with the upcoming MMI. Are there any prep materials anybody would recommend?
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