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  1. Hey! does anyone know if York University has a specific font type requirement for the statement of interest? I know they say font size should be 12 but wanted to confirm the font type. Thank you!
  2. Hey just wondering, do schools mainly just look at the GPA for the final 2 years or does the CGPA matter a lot too?
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! So "fakepath" does not indicate that there is an error with the document?
  4. hey! I was wondering if anyone who applied to York had trouble uploading their supporting documents? Every time I try to upload my transcript or CV i get "C:\fakepath (document name)" and when I click preview it leads me to the "passport york" webpage. Any advice would be appreciated. thank you!
  5. Hey! I checked and unfortunately we cannot apply to two departments at the same institution even though they are different campuses they essentially fall under either U of T or UBC.
  6. hey! does anyone know if we have to indicate specific supervisors in the CGS-M study proposal? Do the supervisors that we've expressed interest in working with see the proposals once we've submitted? Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. it says "after last term completed (if not currently registered)" so i think its fine to use a transcript if you received it after graduating.
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any tips for applying to external funding? Will be my first time doing so and wanted to see if anyone had any advice. Also, I wanted to ask if anyone had any experience/will be applying to both Masters & PhD programs (e.g. McGill), how did you select which external funding to apply to since students are not permitted to apply for a CGS M and a Tri-Agency doctoral award in the same academic year? Thanks!
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