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  1. Has anyone heard back from Boston College or know when they'll be sending out invites/decisions?
  2. Could you please PM me the info as well? Thanks!
  3. I haven't heard back from UCD but I checked their program calendar (it's on their website). It says something about a recruitment day on 2/27...so I'm wondering if all the interview invitations have been extended.
  4. That reminds me of the common "so, you'll be a psychiatrist?" saying. For some reason, everyone seems to believe that a degree in psychology means "mind-reading" and therapy.
  5. I hear the "you're definitely going to get in somewhere" phrase all the time. It just stresses me out more! Then it's the, "don't worry, things will work out in the end" or "just get a job!" "what's the point of wasting 5 years of school? 4 years of undergrad was enough!" There's also that incessant commenting on how psychology is "useless"
  6. Darn. Do you think it'll be up on the ASF website before they send out the decisions via postal mail?
  7. To the person who put their rejection (UMD-college park) on the results survey, was it for clinical psychology?
  8. Who got the UMD Social Psych interview?? Who was your POI???
  9. Could the UCDavis poster please pm me your POI???
  10. Boston College, could you msg me your POI as well? Thanks!
  11. How did you find out? Did you call the dept? Also, do you mind sharing who your POI is via pm? Thanks!
  12. Has anyone heard back from UMaryland-College Park, Boston College, or UCDavis?
  13. Has anyone heard back from UCD or UMD?
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