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GW Trachtenberg MPP 2021


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10 minutes ago, mcrmpp said:

Oof -- rejected! Looks like I'll be off to either American or UMD since they both gave me some good funding. Not sure how I'm going to choose so if anyone has any advice.... lmk

Everything happens for a reason! 

But I personally would go with American. Their MPP program is fairly comparable to GW. I would also look at your aid packages between the two schools to see which one has a lower overall cost of attendance if that plays a factor! 

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Rejected from the MPA program. The status was updated this morning. Definitely disappointing but I'm fortunate to have options between SIPA, Wagner, & McCourt. Congratulations to everyone who got in! Fantastic news and go (safely) celebrate it with loved ones.

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My portal just updated! I was accepted into the MPA (without funding)!

For those wondering, my GPA was 3.65 and my SOI was just okay; 7 or 8/10. My letters of rec were both very strong; 9/10 overall at least. It is coming for y'all as well. 

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36 minutes ago, mppinwaiting said:

Created an account just to check to see if anyone else is still waiting... I'm starting to wonder when I should reach out to Admissions

 - MPP applicant, submitted my application November 22 (last name F)

I'm still waiting too! I was worried I was the only one. 

-- MPP, last name H, applied Feb 1

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1 minute ago, sl28 said:

I emailed asking about funding timelines and was told funding details email will go out 5-10 business days after an admission offer and that they are working hard to get the information out as soon as possible. Really hope it is not another week of this...


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