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Application Status--The most Stressful!


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Hi all,


So for the past few months, most of my applications have been stating "Under Review." However, upon looking this morning, one college's status has changed to "Reviewed." Now I know this info means, yes, the committee has reviewed the material, but how long now until I get the email letting me know of the final decision??


This is killing me. And mind you this status update is for the school I most want to attend!


What status updates are annoying to you?





Applied: 12

Denied: 5

Accepted: 1 (without funding)

Waitlisted: 1

Waiting on decision: 5

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I have "returned to department" or some variant on about two or so of my apps. I wish the statuses were clearer. That tells me nothing. Even when I called to ask about it, one gave me a roundabout answer.


One of my apps says "INCOMPLETE" in scary red letters, even though the checklist has everything as having been received and someone from the office told me they have everything.

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"Your decision will be found here when it is available."


Ughhhh just tell me anything so I can make a decision and not feel bad about making one too early and just be done already jeeeeeeez

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"At this time your application status is “in department” meaning it is under review. "  My status has said that since I applied back in November!

That is exactly how most of my applications read, until today, when one status changed to "Reviewed." Now, more confused than ever. And I have been checking my email every five minutes...sigh!

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My application with UC Irvine was "under review", then it changed to "being reviewed" a week later (how are they different?!), and it's been under "being reviewed" since late January.


On the flip side, UC Davis's website didn't tell me anything (other than "you materials have been received") until today - when it says it's being reviewed! Wait - is it actually being reviewed?

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I checked both schools I interviewed with and both of them told me nothing! One said that my decision was available, but it just brought me to the interview acceptance page (I should have known when the date available was 1/02/14). The other one said that my application was being reviewed by the admissions committee. This is driving me insane! *cries*

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