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I recently applied to 10 schools for my masters in Speech Language Pathology. My GPA is a 3.78 and my CSD major GPA is a 3.8. I have solid recommendations, research and work experiences, great extracurriculars BUT my GRE score is awful. I took it twice and I even took a Kaplan course. 


V- 149 (39th percentile)

Q-150 (39th percentile)

AW- 4.5 (87th percentile)


Are grad schools going to throw out my application because of my low GRE? I'm starting to worry, I hear most programs don't even bother to look at your application if you have under a 300 GRE.


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I'm actually in a very similar boat. 3.5 GPA 3.87 GPA in my major and very strong GPA in my last 60 credits (my feshman year killed my GPA when I was a pre-med student!!) and my scores were okay, but very similar to yours 




I've talked to a lot of people and heard that GRE scores are pretty much the least weighted of all the stuff the look at. They would rather know you worked your butt off in school and have relevant experience than the fact that you can kick butt at a standardized test.

That being said, it does definitely depend on the school, some schools that ae higher ranked and more competitive may HAVE to weed out applications based on GPA nad GRE only because they get so many and it's near impossible to really look at everyone's.

I hope this helped at least a little bit, and know there are people out there in the same boat! (Me) lol 

Good luck!!



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If this is helpful, last application season I applied to 8 grad schools with under a 300 GRE, and I'm in a program! My GPA was lower than yours, too! 

As I went through the application process, I felt like schools really like the major GPA, and your experience, over your GRE score. You also have a high writing score, which is helpful! Verbal and writing are really the two they look at, over the math section. But if you have a good GPA to balance it, I've heard that a lower GRE isn't as important, which it seems you do! Also, good letters of intent that are unique to a program stand out, too!  I also think it depends on where you apply, too?  Super competitive areas weed out apps just because they get so many people applying. The programs I applied to did not have a cut off GRE. 

Good luck with your apps! I hope you hear good news soon! :D

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4 hours ago, slpgrad620 said:

it's embarrassing to say but my GRE scores are lower than yours and so far i got accepted into 1 program & 2 interview offers (in NY) 



Good luck! 

I applied to NY schools too. I have around the same GRE scores. What programs were you accepted to/got an interview for?

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2 hours ago, SLPtobe1093 said:

I applied to NY schools too. I have around the same GRE scores. What programs were you accepted to/got an interview for?

I got an acceptance from Adelphi & an interview offer from LIU Post & Molloy 

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