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  1. School Facebook Groups 2017

    looking for Kean University!
  2. Does anyone know any information about Hofstra and Molloy that can help me make my decision? They are pretty close in price and are only 10 minutes from each other.
  3. Hofstra's Open House

    when is the open house? is it the same day as the accepted students day on april 7?
  4. Monmouth University

    So happy for you! Unfortunately I didn't
  5. Monmouth University

    Did anyone apply to Monmouth University? When do you think we should start hearing from them?
  6. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Still waiting to hear back from every school I applied to (10 schools to be exact) and I'm going NUTS!!!
  7. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I feel like I've been forgotten about too there have been many schools people have heard back from that I haven't. It sucks
  8. Did you send everything to the processing center in Massachusetts? I was so confused by their application instructions.
  9. How to manage different dates of acceptance

    I go to Kean University now and I'm in their Pre-Professional program. I know they just gave out their decisions for the summer cohort so the person who posted their rejection on the Results page was probably rejected for the summer!
  10. Official Interview Thread 2017

    I applied a week before the deadline!! But at least we're in this together!
  11. Official Interview Thread 2017

    Ahh lucky! I've been refreshing my e-mails constantly because I know a ton of people who have heard back from LIU Post and I haven't yet
  12. Official Interview Thread 2017

    I wouldn't be concerned! I replied to the e-mail and didn't get a confirmation that it was received either!
  13. Worried about my GRE score

    I applied to NY schools too. I have around the same GRE scores. What programs were you accepted to/got an interview for?
  14. Advice

    Babysitting is always a great way to make money while going to school!
  15. LIU POST

    Is there anyone else who hasn't heard anything from LIU Post yet?