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  1. I disagree with you that these are the only two schools in the entire world that you need to get into. (I say that as someone who only applied to two schools for my master's degree--one of them being HDS.) I certainly can understand that you want to get into one of these two schools, just as I narrowed my pick to two schools as well. However, you are (obviously) a strong candidate for both programs. (You knew that, right?) Good luck.
  2. If you use your nickname would you put it in quotation marks? Like so: FirstName "Nickname" Lastname ? For me, I have a "foreign sounding" name and I hate having to correct people or hear their butchering of my name. So that's why I want them to just call me my nickname which is easy to say.
  3. Can you elaborate?
  4. Thanks for your input. I came to fairly similar conclusions. I wonder if uk schools are more accepting of theological approaches whereas american ones insist upon an R.S. one?
  5. I'm reading Oxford's theology program's handbook, and it says the following about one's PhD thesis: I *think* I know what these different approaches are, but I just want to confirm. Specifically, can anyone tell me what they think a theological approach and a textual-interpretative approach would be towards a PhD thesis? (I'm specifically interested in "doing theology" and not religious studies, so this quoted section appealed to me.) Thanks!
  6. ^ And anyone here interview for Clarendon or Ertegun?
  7. Considering it is now April, if one has not heard a peep from Clarendon or Ertegun, then does this mean rejection? (Posts from previous years seem to indicate this.) Really, it is quite stupid that Clarendon and Ertegun just don't have a decision date and send out rejection emails. It would be common courtesy and would not be difficult to do.
  8. I third what sacklunch said.
  9. Great, thanks!
  10. Question: what's the process of getting such teaching gigs at a community college?
  11. As for journal articles, I don't know about that. I know I'd regret it if I had put something out during undergrad, just because my thoughts and ideas have matured significantly since then. I've heard conflicting things on publishing early but personally I'd not focus on it.
  12. I'm in religion/theology, but here's my input: 1) Good on you that you're already thinking about this. I so wish I had done that! So, this answer is basically what I wish *I* had done. You're already ahead of the pack by taking out the time to plan now! Kudos! 2) I agree with the post above about figuring out a general field to narrow in on... You don't need to know EXACTLY what you want to study, but you should have a general idea. For example, I'm in Islamic studies. What exactly within Islamic studies is something that develops over time. 3) Languages, languages, languages. By doing #2, you can start on the critical languages you need NOW. It takes years to learn languages. On that note, I'd probably dump Spanish unless it is relevant to your field. Instead, I'd work on French and/or German, which are generally useful across the board. 4) Related to #3, do targeted travel abroad programs, especially during summers. Or go to Middlebury Language School. If I could go back in time, I'd use ever summer in undergrad to do immersive language study. 5) As for your school name and prestige, sadly this does matter. However, you can more than make up for this by getting good grades and then getting into a master's program at an elite institution. The master's will be the glitter you need to get into a PhD program. 6) Develop relationships with professors in your field to get good letters of recommendation. Good luck!
  13. Nice! I've secured funding for Oxford, so I'll be going to the UK with you!
  14. Thanks. I did apply for the scholarships I could apply for. I just haven't heard anything back about this yet. I'm wondering if I would have been interviewed for funding or not. Anyways, I've emailed my PI but I'm just anxious/excited.
  15. I thought I was out for the count, but I just got a surprise acceptance letter to Oxford..... AH! Now, we await funding decisions. Oxford would be a dream come true, especially since it is very strong in my field of interest and has a perfect PI. How sad it would be to turn Oxford down. Are there interviews for funding? Is there any way to know if I still stand a shot at funding?