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  1. It is- but that academic year includes summer. So $20,500 for fall, spring and summer semester. I didn't realize this until I got a letter from a school I was accepted to regarding the fafsa!
  2. I'll PM you!
  3. Hi! Congrats on your acceptance! I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I need to go to the cheapest school. What I've done is calculated my expenses (including cost of living/rent! I forgot to do this at first, but for me at least, it's a huge factor) for each school, and determined the total cost of the program for each. I would say after doing this, just plan to go to the cheapest school if that's what you need to do. Don't include "possible" funding, because nothing is guaranteed! I don't think you can base your decision off of something that may/may not happen. If a funding offer from another school comes before your deadline, you might decide to change your choice at the last second (this is my plan! I'm probably not going to accept an offer until close to the deadline.) Regarding your FAFSA: Yes, do it today! I did mine in October, since it opened way early this year. This is how the school makes your financial aid package, and determines your eligibility for other grants/scholarships/tuition waivers/etc.
  4. I might be commuting that far as well (45mins-1hr depending on traffic.) I know a lot of people that drive an hour for school, I think you'll just have to make sure you plan ahead and stay organized.
  5. When you say Buffalo, are you talking about University at Buffalo or Buffalo State?
  6. It depends, do you have loans from undergrad? I also am deciding between programs, 2 are private and would cost around 45-50k without funding, and my in-state options are more like 29-34k without funding. Since I have loans from undergrad, my private options most likely won't be feasible unless I get a good funding offer. If you don't have any other loans or a very small amount, it could be worth it, but if you can see yourself happy at the state school too it's always better to have less debt than more haha
  7. Congratulations on all your acceptances! I'm so glad at this point that I only applied to 4 schools when I originally was going to apply to 8. I decided to just have confidence in my chances and focus all my time and energy into the few applications I had. The hard part now is, they are all schools I can see myself going to haha.
  8. Definitely go before committing I'd say! I'm attending one at the end of March, before I make a decision, since I haven't visited the school yet. On the topic of open houses, does anyone have suggestions on what to wear to them (casual/professional/in-between)?
  9. As of today I've heard back from all my schools! Now I have some tough yet exciting decisions to make!
  10. This happened to my friend that went there even though she had an undergrad in comm disorders too. She had to start literally right after she graduated from undergrad and move there like a week later to start taking the classes, and I think she ended up having to stay in a dorm because she didn't have time to find somewhere to live!
  11. I agree with everyone else, I wouldn't do this, you're not a licensed SLP or SLPA and you're able to work with the clients in the clinic because you're being supervised by a CCC-SLP.
  12. I haven't gotten any financial aid info/ GA/RA offers from the two schools I was accepted to yet. I emailed one and they told me that normally they don't send these out until after the April 15th deadline, but that they are ahead of schedule in the admissions process this year so they might be able to notify before the deadline. For the other school, I don't think they decide until after the deadline... It stinks because it would be helpful to know this information beforehand to make the best financial choice. I think it's different for each school.
  13. These are the exact two schools I'm still waiting on too!
  14. Congratulations!! And by the way about the weather in Upstate, I can't really compare it to MA/CT because I've never been there but yeah there's a lot of snow. I currently go to school around Lake Erie and it snows... a lot... it's snowing right now actually, and last weekend it was 70 degrees. I'm originally from the Lake Ontario/Finger Lakes region, and Ithaca is at the bottom of Cayuga lake so I assume they probably get lake effect too. But the weather never really stops anyone from doing anything around here. I haven't visited the town of Ithaca but the area in general has a lot of natural beauty Editing to add that you will get the full range of seasons here and they are all so pretty in my opinion! Summers are hot but nice, falls are perfect sweater weather and beautiful.
  15. Same, I was really surprised when I saw people on the results board getting these huge scholarships... I didn't even know you could get scholarships for grad school haha I thought only GA/TA/RA postions