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  1. Hi all: After writing several official practice exams, ETS is predicting my scores to be at a solid 151 Quant 157 Verbal 5.5 AWA. From what I understand, MTS requirements are not as stringent as Ph.D. requirements, particularly when it comes to test scores. The rest of my application is very strong. Do I still have a chance of admission at Yale, Duke and Harvard, or do these scores more or less disqualify me? I really appreciate any feedback. Thanks all
  2. Yale Div does not require GRE scores. Are you sure you information is up to date?
  3. On the topic of HDS: does anyone know what average GRE scores look like? I'm wondering how a low Quant score (25%) might influence my application, the rest of which, is pretty exceptional. Thanks.
  4. What was the result for you folks? Did you hear anything else about the GRE predicament? I'm currently in that same boat right now...
  5. Hi all: First time poster here. I want to ask about how much the GRE Quant section actually matters for admissions to HDS. All aspects of my application are extremely competitive however, there is one setback: my Quant score. While my Verbal scores and AWA are well above averages, my Quant is at a dismal 20%. Could this be a deal breaker for me? Might I be weeded out of the competition before my application ever reaches someone's desk? Thanks for your feedback.