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  1. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    Just found out that I was admitted to their Masters program (MA in Education Policy). Seems like I did not get into their PhD program for Education Policy. Not certain whether to take the offer, since I am already going to be getting my MA this year in Urban Education, but will wait to see the financial aid package. They did not email me the decision, found it on their admitted students portal.
  2. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    I also have the feed for Facebook and Twitter. Also noticed that now I have two applications stated that it is submitted (even though I only did one), in which the second one stated that I submitted yesterday. Yet, when I click to open it, its all the same things in the first application that I submitted (like recommendation letters, etc. checked off). Doubt it means anything.
  3. HGSE 2017

    I have to second cavenue's prior statement. As a second year Corps Member in TFA who is not white, I think you need to re-evaluate your judgement and perspectives quite a bit. It is one thing to be in the program (or an alumni from the program) and make judgement statements around it, but it is another thing to be a bystander who is listening to only a few samples of thousands of people. I do have to say that TFA has a lot to change, but they are definitely not a program that is creating a "white man's burden vibe." In all actuality, it is a program that is constantly changing and improving, and has made positive impact in disenfranchised communities. Also, I really hate your constant, blanket statements. It has the similar cognitive mindset of a racist individual. Just saying.
  4. BERKELEY GSE 2017

    Also was rejected. Currently also to my last two (UCLA and Columbia) and only have a Waitlist from USC. A rough cycle, but I guess it just means that I need to learn more.
  5. Penn GSE

    I was also admitted to MSEd for Ed Policy after applying PhD (and given also that $13,500 merit scholarship), but will also be declining / hope someone else on the waitlist benefits from this.
  6. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    Still crickets here, but I heard that some people have received interviews and such.
  7. Fall 2017 Education Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections

    Literally in the exact same situation as you (and applied to Urban Schooling also). Have rejections from HGSE, SGSE, and a waitlist for USC.
  8. Fall 2017 Education Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections

    Any updates around UCLA? I may have read or mixed up PhD programs, but I thought UCLA stated that they will be sending out interviews mid-February?
  9. Stanford GSE

    Rejected to Stanford's SHIPS program (Education Policy).
  10. HGSE 2017

    Rejected from HGSE PhD also. For me, at least, it's a mixed relief feeling. Went to Harvard for undergraduate, and have mixed feelings about my experience (duly note, I am grateful for the opportunity to attend, but realized that having no sunshine really affected my mood. That being stated, the city and resources are amazing). I will take it as an opportunity to grow, and see if I cross paths once again with Harvard in the future.
  11. Guilt about quitting my teaching job

    I am almost legitimately in the exact situation, but as a mathematics teacher. I also hate the fact that I feel that I am reiterating the issue with Teach For America as a Corps Member, but I just can't be content giving impact to students simply. I really want to have a more global impact, and believe that I am more capable doing this in a different capacity (in research / politics / innovation). But, I haven't gotten into a PhD program yet (but have received an interview / practically an acceptance to an ed analytics firm). That being stated, I don't have as much letting my school administration know (since they have not been that supportive) but will have a lot of difficulty saying it to my students.
  12. HGSE 2017

    It's all crickets on my end when it comes to EPPE. I wonder if they have offered PhD admissions yet for EPPE.
  13. Fall 2017 Education Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections

    I definitely feel the burn. Still haven't heard back from rest of the schools except for USC, which I got waitlisted for. 0a/1w/0r/6?? at the moment.
  14. Stanford GSE

    Applied to SHIPS - Education Policy also.