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  1. I don't think you would be accepted into a post-bacc if your Bachelor's is already in Communicative Disorders. A post-bacc is made for people who did their undergrad in another field.
  2. have you checked the portal? I never got an email or notice or anything but my portal said deny
  3. Hi All, I had recently accepted Univeristy of Kentuky, but they sent an email today stating that CAA had placed their accredidation on probation. I guess it means they are still accredited, but have one year to fix all of the errors and get off probation. My question is, how bad is that? Would my degree mean nothing if they lose their accredidation? What is the point of accredidation anyways? is it so we can get licensed? I (sadly) already rejected one of my offers, but still have two others, should I go with another choice for school? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking at CAA website, several good programs such as Northern Arizona and Chapel Hill were recently taken off probation, and it didn't seem to affect their rankings, so how important is accredidation? Any advice would help! I would hate to go to a school just to have it mean nothing becuase they are no longer accredited.
  4. I was accepted to Chapman back in early February. I think at this point they are probably wanting to see how many people accept their offers before sending out anymore.
  5. When you say funding, are you referring to FAFSA Aid? or personal school fuding. I keep seeing funding referenced as so many things: TA, Assistantship, research, grants, scholarship, that I am not sure what people are referring to.
  6. great idea!! Is there one for Chapman?
  7. 4.0 GPA and above average GRE scores, as well as 2 years of volunteering and strong letters of rec. I feel like they just throw names in a hat and pull names from them.
  8. I didn't have anything on my portal either, then I emailed them asking for an update, and they never emailed me back, but the next day my portal had a decision. so maybe emailing them will push them to update your portal?
  9. Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if anyone had information on the Master's Program at Cal State Fullerton? thanks!
  10. I got a phone call last night saying I was accepted to Cal State Fullerton. I was told that I would get an official email either Monday or Tuesday, so maybe they'll email everyone then?
  11. no :(:( and I checked my portal and it still says under review. I have a bad feelng it means I'm rejected.
  12. @jm1988 was the email a mass email or was it addressed specifically to you? I applied too and didn't receive an email but my portal still says in review, kinda thinking that probably means I didn't get it
  13. I'm still waiting on University of Nevada, reno and Arizona State University. I wish they would hurry as I have decision due dates coming up!
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