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  1. Hey all So I applied to PhD and got rejected . I know I made a mistake of applying to only one program , but I learnt my lesson now. So I am re-doing the whole process again . should I apply at the same program that rejeted me (smarter this time) , or should I just ignore them ? should I send them email asking them about reasons ? or not ? Are they going to actually tell me ? or give me a vague answer ? I will be applying at many programs , should I say at the interview that I am applying at different programs ? or should I shut up about it ? what if they ask me about it h
  2. May be volunteer , in order to built your CV in case you want to apply for a scholarship .
  3. Hey all I am drafting email to send to my potential advisor . What to include ? what not to include ? I know I should read their previous papers , how many of their papers should I read ? I heard it was like 12 -20 papers , is it true ? I feel like it is a lot of work (considering the fact that I will be emailing about 10 professors so 20*10 = 200 papers that's almost a masters thesis ) one more thing, how many advisors should I email? 10 ? 20 ? Any tips is appreciated
  4. Hey everyone I want to ask about RWTH Aachen university , I heard that it notorious for rejecting students from unknown places . that students must have connections in the university to get admitted . Is it true ? I feel like it is a lie from rejected students . I need someone to answer me please . thanks all
  5. I am working as a software engineer in a small company and our company just survived a huge turnover (I was amongst the ones who stayed because I know that when I leave I will leave for a PhD scholarship ). Anyways , I have an idea of Dos and Don'ts of giving notice (my manager told me the details because we are friends). Yes I totally understand how you feel because the boss is a friend and a part of you is wondering what he will do after you leave , have no worries , he will survive , the whole organization will (even if they don't tell you that ) You need to give your notice fa
  6. Hey all , I need someone who is familiar with DAAD scholarship I need to know more about DAAD scholarship about the preliminary German courses prior to the scholarship , is it funded ? when students take those courses ? I am asking these questions because I am working in a full-time job and I don't know whether I should consider quitting my job during the courses or not . One more question , Do I have to pass the preliminary courses in order to get the scholarship ? or if I was selected then I am selected and the german courses will have no effect on my chances ? Thanks all
  7. Hey All, I was wondering if someone could read my SOP and give me feedback ? send me your email to send the sop Thanks
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