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  1. Hey all So I applied to PhD and got rejected . I know I made a mistake of applying to only one program , but I learnt my lesson now. So I am re-doing the whole process again . should I apply at the same program that rejeted me (smarter this time) , or should I just ignore them ? should I send them email asking them about reasons ? or not ? Are they going to actually tell me ? or give me a vague answer ? I will be applying at many programs , should I say at the interview that I am applying at different programs ? or should I shut up about it ? what if they ask me about it how can I answer ? one more thing , if I apply at the program that once rejected me next year , what should I do ? act like nothing happened ? or acknowledge at the interview that I applied before ? thanks
  2. Sarah :)

    Pre-Grad School Master Plan? (FULL YEAR to spare!)

    May be volunteer , in order to built your CV in case you want to apply for a scholarship .
  3. Sarah :)

    Emailing Potential Advisor

    Hey all I am drafting email to send to my potential advisor . What to include ? what not to include ? I know I should read their previous papers , how many of their papers should I read ? I heard it was like 12 -20 papers , is it true ? I feel like it is a lot of work (considering the fact that I will be emailing about 10 professors so 20*10 = 200 papers that's almost a masters thesis ) one more thing, how many advisors should I email? 10 ? 20 ? Any tips is appreciated
  4. Sarah :)

    DAAD PhD scholarship inquiry

    Thank you so much for your answer
  5. Hey everyone I want to ask about RWTH Aachen university , I heard that it notorious for rejecting students from unknown places . that students must have connections in the university to get admitted . Is it true ? I feel like it is a lie from rejected students . I need someone to answer me please . thanks all
  6. Sarah :)

    How to give notice to boss?

    I am working as a software engineer in a small company and our company just survived a huge turnover (I was amongst the ones who stayed because I know that when I leave I will leave for a PhD scholarship ). Anyways , I have an idea of Dos and Don'ts of giving notice (my manager told me the details because we are friends). Yes I totally understand how you feel because the boss is a friend and a part of you is wondering what he will do after you leave , have no worries , he will survive , the whole organization will (even if they don't tell you that ) You need to give your notice face-to-face considering the notice period (I guess it is 2 weeks for you). It is very important to give your notice not less than 2 weeks . ask for a meeting with your boss and tell him that it has been a pleasure working with him and you learnt a lot (even if this is not the case) but you need to move on and it is time for you to go to gradschool to get your degree (if you can link things you learnt in job that can benefit you in gradschool , that would be fabulous , if you can't then don't ) . the most important thing is to be authentic. It is very important not to burn the bridges because you might want to work in the organization after your degree or might need a letter of recommendation from your current boss. Just be calm and try not to be emotional (I know it is hard because the boss is a friend ) but you need to always remind yourself that this is your dream to go to gradschool and your boss might be upset for you to leave but he will survive eventually (just don't tell him that he will survive directly because it will be considered rude) and you can plan the handover together or when they are calm. I am so sorry for the long answer Good luck in your gradschool
  7. Hey all , I need someone who is familiar with DAAD scholarship I need to know more about DAAD scholarship about the preliminary German courses prior to the scholarship , is it funded ? when students take those courses ? I am asking these questions because I am working in a full-time job and I don't know whether I should consider quitting my job during the courses or not . One more question , Do I have to pass the preliminary courses in order to get the scholarship ? or if I was selected then I am selected and the german courses will have no effect on my chances ? Thanks all
  8. Hey All, I was wondering if someone could read my SOP and give me feedback ? send me your email to send the sop Thanks

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