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  1. No, I'm currently a senior undergraduate and so in the fall I applied to jobs because Grad school doesn't make decisions til march and I got offered a position for 63k which I declined because I figured I could make significantly more with a masters in statistics.
  2. I'm currently deciding between Penn State MAS program and the Cornell MPS program. Both will be a one year program because I did my undergrad at PSU. As a current Penn State undergraduate I'm leaning towards the staying here because I'm familiar with the area, the professors, have a job, research hook ups, ect However, I know Cornell has very good name recognition. My main goal is to go straight into industry. I looked over the post graduate survey for Cornell and was unimpressed with the average salary (70k) seeing as a few months ago I turned down a 63k a year job hoping to get accepted into graduate school. I'm not aware of any Penn State version of post graduate survey. The price tag is about 22k for Penn State and Cornell is 52k in tuition alone. I could probably afford Cornell without too many loans (coming out of undergrad I have no loans) but I feel that the average starting salary should be higher to justify the double price tag. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into which program could be better for me. I'm an American and I know most of Cornell MPS students are chinese internationals so I'm wondering if that's bring the average salary down significantly and that for a domestic student, the salary prospects are much better. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Your profile looks really similar to mine. I got a C in Calc 3 too lol. The Head of the MAS program that is my top choice said that a C in Calc 3 wasn't a huge deal since I got an A in intro to Probability theory and calc 3 was a prerequisite for that class. I guess take that for what's worth.
  4. Hi there, I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of graduate schools I have a chance at. I'd really appreciate any feed back. Undergraduate Institution: Penn State Main / Statistics Major, Math major, econ minor GPA: 3.33/4.0 really bad gpa freshman year but I brought it up. kind of went down last semester a little lol. Around 3.5 average for math and stat classes. Math Courses: Calc 1, 2 (A-), Calc 3 (C), Diff EQ (A), Combinatorics (A-), Into Discrete Math (B-), Into Real Analysis (A-), Intro Probability (A), Matrices (B+), Linear Programming (A), Numerical Computations (A) Stat Courses: Into to Statistical Inference (A), Stochastic Modeling (A), ANOVA (A-), Regression (A), Time Series (B), Non Parametric Stat (B), Survey Sampling (A), Intro to Sas (B+), Intermediate & advanced SAS (A-) Type of Student: Domestic asian female with white person name (so I guess I could put do not answer under ethnicity, not sure if it'll look better as a white or asian female) Research Experience: Did an REU where I learned Bayesian stat. Not very much actual research. So I got recommendation letter from one of the professors who is in charge of it. Currently doing research in the psych department where I'm doing data cleaning in R Letters of Recommendations: 1 probably decent from professor I did reserach with over the summer 2nd one probably decent from adviser who i've known for around 3 years. Got a B+ in her matrices class 3rd one from professor who I didn't do much research with. Got an A in his probability class but a B+ in his stochastic modeling class GRE: V: 155 i think 78% Q: 166 i think 90% W: 4.5 probably 80% Schools I'm planning on Applying to: Penn State Cornell Pittsburgh Iowa State Columbia Purdue I'm really trying to find a school that I can get out with a Masters in one year. If anyone else has any idea what schools I would have a chance at, please let me know. I think I have a pretty good chance at Penn State since that's my undergrad institution but I'd really like to know what my chances are at the other ones on the list, particularly Cornell.
  5. Hello, So I'm currently taking a linear algebra course which is mostly doing proofs, which I absolutely suck at. I will be applying to one or two graduate schools for an Applied Statistics Masters degree which is a professional degree and different from a masters of science in statistics that focuses on proofs a bit more. Linear algebra proofs don't really have much to do with statistics, but it is a higher level math course and it is my senior year so I worry it will look bad to get a C during the fall semester and be applying to graduate schools in the spring. Please advise because I can take the course in the spring and will probably get a C, but it won't matter because they make decisions in March. It will just kind of screw up my class schedule in the spring because there's a lot of interesting classes I want to take, but it's not a huge deal. Thanks in advance.
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