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  1. I heard from them on January 13 but I applied for PhD, so don't worry! Master aceptances must be on their way! I hope with great news for you!!!
  2. Congratulations! I am also deciding between UMich and UVa for PhD. Would you mind sharing your thougts about these schools. Do you know where you will go?
  3. Hi! Thank you for your post! Would you mind to share your SoP with me too?
  4. I applied to UMich (CPEP), UVa(Education-Human Development) and NYU (PSSI). Still waiting news from NYU althought I have understood for the results page that they sent out all the invitations. I was admitted to the other programs. What about you, have you had news?
  5. Great program! I'm going to Combined Program in Psychology and Education! Maybe I will see you there, is the same department I think!
  6. I have exactly the same question! I will be 16-18 in Ann Arbor with absolutly no idea what to wear!
  7. I applied to NYU (PSSI-Steinhardt)! Have you heard something about your programs?
  8. Someone just posted in results an interview date sent by email from UVA (Curry School of Education - Applied Developmental Science track).
  9. Hi! Did you apply to PSSI (NYU-Steinhardt)? Would you mind to share who is your POI?
  10. Thank you! Same here! Also refreshing results search compulsively! I hope we both get in!!!
  11. I applied to CPEP, but still haven't heard anything. They should be sending notices between today or tomorrow. Please keep in touch if you have news!!!
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