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  1. Hey, thank you so much for your answer! Just a quick follow-up: I'm an international student who has a keen interest in exploring questions pertaining to inequality and informalization of labour sector, but from an international perspctive. 1)From what I've heard, Harris is very domestic, but that being said, the quant skills are certainly an add-on factor. My concern is that most chicago internships and jobs are very local-focused. While for SIPA, it's much more international and the network is wider in comparison. While I am leaning slightly towards SIPA, my concern is that Harris is costing me 30k lesser in just tuition. If I consider, living costs, I'm assuming it might be even cheaper to SIPA. 2) Plus, my another worry is that given my profile of 1 year of work ex, would it be tough to fit into SIPA (cuz it's a professional school)? Since it's more leadership and management oriented. While Harris is more research oriented. Or would you suggest that flexibility to tweak MPA at SIPA in that direction exists (tailor it to one's need). I guess the main dilemma comes down to the cost factor. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! This forum has been super helpful in my admission process tbh.
  2. Hey, what did you finally end up choosing? And what has been your experience?
  3. Would you suggest applying for housing right away? Or it's too late already?
  4. What would be the consequences if we say yes to two schools? Can we go back and reject later on?
  5. Any idea by when would Harris get back to us?
  6. Just a follow up question: I've heard from current students that SIPA faculty are quite approachable and do help you quite a bit in the process. Or are their views biased? What else have you heard about SIPA?
  7. Hi, congrats on such great offers! Just curious because I'm in a similar situation, why are you choosing Harris over SIPA? I am also currently deciding between the two, that's why I'm curious to know your take on this. I plan to work in the US in a think-tank for some time before heading back. So similar, trajectory, except that I want to work in the development sector. Would love to know your thoughts on the same.
  8. Hi guys, I'm in! Just got the mail! I'm guessing the admits are coming in batches, depending on as and when our applications were complete.
  9. (Just to be optimistic) it could be because our applications were completed and passed on for reviewing relatively late? Mine got completed on 14th and I did the video interview bit by 21st. What do you think?
  10. I had a few questions and would be so glad if anyone could help me out in this regard. Considering nil scholarship from both these schools (and with a year of work ex), -In terms of job prospects, is Harris better in comparison to SIPA because of the course structure? -Academic training wise, with regard to skill set development, I've heard Harris is much better. Is that so? - given the sort of feedback for Columbia, under which circumstance would you suggest someone to opt for SIPA hands down? I just can't seem to figure out which one to go for. Also any views on Duke Vs these two schools?
  11. In! So delighted! Congrats to everyone!
  12. Oh, thank you @AddSmith. @UrbanPolicy&Development, same boat.
  13. Congratulations to everyone! That's great news! Any idea if the decisions are only out for DC track or for rest as well?
  14. http://admissionsblog.sipa.columbia.edu/2018/03/08/update-from-admissions-and-a-view-of-applicant-demographics/
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