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  1. Clinical vs. Counseling Psychology

    Sorry if there is already another thread on this, but I wanted to ask: Can you do a counseling psychology PhD degree and specialize in neuropsychology? Also what are the main differences between counseling and clinical psychology PhD programs, and how does this affect the process of getting into internship, post-doc and getting licensure? Is there a difference in what you are qualified to do in your career?
  2. Re-applying to clinical psychology phd programs

    Hi everyone, thank you for your replies! Another aspect I was worried about is the personal statement. It was creatively written and had a main theme interwoven into it. (My mentor gave me constructive criticisms while I was writing it, but he usually advises students that are applying to MD programs, so I'm not sure if it is in a format that is advantageous for PhD programs). So I have some questions for you: If you had multiple PI's you were interested in working with, did you list both in your personal statement? Is it more important to use the statement as a means to describe yourself (hardworking, creative, compassionate, etc.), or to give the reader a taste of how you think through problems? Since I'm planning on retaking the GRE, I was also wondering if you have any good study resources? I used magoosh the first time around and although my membership expired, I have their E-book to use for the next round. Are there any other good resources? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! i have some questions for those of you that have applied more than once to clinical psychology PhD programs and have gotten in: 1) What did you do differently? 2) If you contacted the school to ask about what areas of your application were weak, did you contact the PI or the admissions office? Phone call or email? 3) Do you think that having clinical research experience in many different fields could harm your application? A little bit about my situation... First time applying. Applied to 9 schools, but didn't hear back from any. 3.4 overall GPA, 3.7 major GPA, 158 V 151Q 4.5W GRE, 86th percentile subject GRE. I don't have the money to pursue a master's degree to increase my GPA Research: Have worked as a research assistant for 1 semester in a visual cognition lab (human participants), 2 years in a psychophysiology lab (human participants),1 semester in a neuropsychology lab (human participants), 1 year at a top-ranked hospital (doing unrelated clinical research on digestive diseases) and 1 year at my current job doing systems neuroscience research (animal/translational). In most of the positions, I have been running studies, collecting data, processing data, and I helped out with part of a manuscript that seems like it will never get published . In my current lab, however I have been able to work on projects independently from start to finish! By next year I hope to have a third author publication, a first author publication, and 2 national conference presentations. I'm planning on retaking the GRE and applying to labs with a better fit. Let me know if you have any advice on ways to improve! -Dr. Bubbles