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  1. leecy77

    Realistic Grad Schools

    So I'm in the process of picking graduate schools to apply to and Im having a hard time of getting past the mentality of applying for the best schools in my field and seeing what happens? (Yale BBS, NYU, Northwestern, Princeton, Brown-basically all the reaches). I can stay a second year in my current postbacc fellowship and have been advised to do so if i want a shot at these schools, but as i have fee waivers and the worst they can say is no, my head is stuck on aiming high and just taking feedback this round. Wondering what some match schools would be though! Also, unsure if id have a somewhat better shot applying to biology umbrella programs for neuroscience or straight into neuroscience? Undergrad Institution: Big stateMajor(s): NeuroscienceOverall GPA: 3.3, in major probably around 3.05 (pretty average student except for chem/ochem-mostly B's, pretty much few equal in science A's-C's cancelled out)Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?): Domestic, female, Puerto Rican & African AmericanGRE Scores:Q: 156/61%V: 159/83%W: 4.5/82% Other: Several extensive research experiences, (3 academic years, 2 summer fellowships, presented posters at 2 university conferences and won awards, ABRCMS national conference poster award, 2 travel awards, 1 middle author publication in submission, writing a review paper with a well known PI now), 3 pretty good LORs, and the typical grad cv full of extracurriculars I held 2 jobs most of my 3 years of undergrad, and graduated in 3 years rather than taking the 4th to improve my gpa due to financial considerations. Im currently in an NIH funded postbacc at Mayo Clinic. Bless you for reading this far, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    I ended up with an informal offer at one school and was waiting on a decision from one other PREP interview, however decided to go ahead and accept the Mayo Clinic PREP offer as they seemed really great and had faculty in my area of interest!
  3. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    Just finished Skype interview for Mayo Clinic PREP today, and have Skype interview for the Yale PREP later this week. Nothing back from the Harvard or Brown PREP's. Good luck to everyone!
  4. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @PsychedSloth Sorry for the double post, just received an invitation to interview from Northwestern PREP! Yale PREP emailed to say they will be sending out invitations within the next two weeks.
  5. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @PsychedSloth I understand, in the end its just up to you and where you feel comfortable! Postbaccs are amazing in that they can be gateways into the PhD programs, so Im sure you'll thrive whoever you end up. Definitely agree as well, the NW director is very hands on and was incredibly helpful in giving feedback on my essays to edit. Fingers crossed this week!
  6. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @PsychedSloth Oh darn, you should have! I had an offer at my university for next year, so figured Id apply to reaches as the worst they can say is no
  7. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @PsychedSloth Hello, thank you for the information! I received the email from Northwestern about review as well, fingers crossed and good luck! As far as I know, the other NIH PREP programs I applied to are as follows- Yale (end of March/early April), Mayo Clinic (rolling), Harvard (early April), Brown (April?)
  8. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @PsychedSloth Sure, in the neuro department I selected J.C., J. G., A.F., and W.K. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to further compare! The lab offer I received though was at a different university. Its nerve wracking to think decisions should be rolling out in a couple weeks!
  9. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @Katiebird, @PsychedSloth Hey! I haven't heard anything yet. Most places mentioned they are reviewing at the end of March/early April! I did get an offer to do an informal postbacc (paid research/take a few grad classes) from a professor that I had contacted about working with through the program!
  10. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    @Katiebird Hope you've had some luck! Postbaccs seem to be pretty tricky
  11. leecy77

    2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Today a friend of mine got into the Duquesne Bio PhD program and another got into Brown Pathobiology! Both by email.
  12. leecy77

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    Also, I would love to hear about anyones previous experiences applying/participating, or if you're currently applying!
  13. Hello! I couldn't find a thread for postbacc options, so here we go! Im graduating early, so decided a postbacc would be a great way to spend the year before applying to PhD programs. Ive applied to the NIH PREP program at Yale, Northwestern, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Brown, and possibly one more!
  14. leecy77

    Practice GRE scores vs. real GRE scores

    Honestly, signed up 3 weeks before the exam, got incredibly busy with classes/research/other exams, so I didn't study at all. The night before the exam I took a practice exam on Kaplan. I feel awful for not studying though, so I plan to retake in December after studying for a couple months. Im going to consider this a cold run, hope studying will bring it up a good bit. Kaplan Test Prep Practice Exam: 10/19/17 Verbal: 151, Quant: 150 Real GRE: 10/20/17 Verbal: 159, Quant: 156 Ran out of time on math and bubbled, switched some answers to the wrong ones before verbal ran out.
  15. leecy77


    It depends on what schools youre looking to apply to and what your score is. Also, if your gpa is a bit on the lower side a higher GRE is usually necessary.

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