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  1. I'm so glad the application process is done...so I can properly stress about getting an interview. Hooray! ? Good luck to everyone out there! We got this.
  2. Hello all! I am applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs and I have a question about experiment descriptions for my research and subject experience. I was a research subject first, then I was a research assistant for the same study. I have separated my CV into research experience and volunteer experience. I explained the experiment in each section. Is it redundant to explain the same experiment twice, in two different sections if the description is the same? Or is it better to name the experiment in the first description and just list the name when I refer to it later in m
  3. Palo Alto University Emporia University Bradley University Illinois Stat University (not accredited) Those are just a few. I have looked through many others online. Some program requirements I meet, some I don't.
  4. Considering you have a couple years before graduation time, there are other tasks that might serve you better than studying from a GRE test prep book. If you'd like, there are diagnostic tests available you can take to let you know where you stand. Some note a few areas you may be weak in to suggest extra practice. Other than those, I would suggest reading daily both for pleasure as well to increase comprehension and speed. If you come across a word you don't know, create a flash card for it and practice it until you have no hesitation when answering. Write, rather type, regularly, even i
  5. GPA 3.1 GRE Verbal: 152 Quantitative: 145 Writing: 3.5 I have considered retaking the GRE, however these scores meet some of the program requirements that I have reviewed while other programs note they do not require GRE or similar test scores.
  6. I graduated with a BA in Psychology last December and am trying to find the right program to suit my intended career goals. My biggest interest is to do conduct research concerning mindfulness and meditation practices. I would love to be able to collect both brain data as well as human behavioral data to support the use of these methods with those with both clinical and non-clinical mental health needs. My interest is to show changes in the brain as well as daily behavior after I have worked with participants. I would like to be able to work with people to teach them mindfulness methods
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