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  1. I have a Acme Portable MegaPac L2. It's portable, compact, and comes with two displays. Usually when I carry it around, people automatically think I'm very advanced in my quantitative analysis.
  2. I'm sure you are leaning more toward one of these schools after all your visits. If there are any specific concerns about that school that's holding you back from committing, reach out to their current students and have those concerns cleared. Also think about whose work you like best and who you can best imagine yourself working with. It doesn't seem to me there is any difference in terms of the variety of method training offered by these schools. Not sure about Columbia, but the rest all have people working on the things you mentioned. As I'm sure you've heard many times: you have excel
  3. Last time I checked, UCLA doesn't guarantee funding for everyone. Even when you do get funding from the department, it's going to be tight living in LA. I don't know why you would consider Northwestern and Minnesota given your options. Michigan is probably the best overall but its faculty are not as focused on political psychology. So I guess you should aim for Stanford.
  4. Making sure you commit if being taken off waitlist?
  5. People have been telling me softwares that are especially useful/essential in grad school and that they wish they had known/used them earlier. They are: Writing: LaTex article/citation management: Mendeley version control: git Are there other suggestions as to what softwares people should be familiarized with before going into PhD programs?
  6. What is your plan after MA? Do you want to get a job or do you want to apply for PhD? I would email the director of each program and ask them where their students end up. And if you are interested in applying for PhD, ask about their placement record.
  7. @Albert01 your research says it all. It’s a very niche corner and NYU has faculty doing just that (doesn’t hurt DGS happens to be one of them). NYU should fit your interest very well. Good luck!
  8. Just checked. No change on my portal, has been the same for the past two months.
  9. Email from department chair with very nice words.
  10. There are huge variations across faculty members in terms of their ability to place their students (even within the same department). This is extremely important. Look into people's CVs and see their placement records and ask them about their recent students during your visits.
  11. Please don't guess what they mean by that, as things like accepting decisions are very important. Try to ask your advisor or person in charge of your program/department and communicate with the admin staff of that school to find out exactly what they mean.
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