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  1. I would take a look at both university's Student Outcome Data. If programs don't have a high enough percentage, they can get put on probation and lose their accreditation. Typically a good program should have something at least or close to 90%.
  2. Don't give up! I applied to about 13 schools, got wait listed for 4 and accepted into 2 programs. It was my first time applying BUT my stats didn't look too good. My overall GPA from undergrad was a 3.2 (last 60 was probably something like a 2.8), but my prerequisites were about a 3.7 or so. My GRE scores were 151V, 156Q and 4.0AW. I think it just depends on the programs themselves because I got rejected form schools that were not highly ranked, but got wait listed into higher ranked schools (above 20th place overall). I just spread my hopes out and preparing myself to not get accepted. I
  3. We get a client beginning the first semester. That is also another reason why I chose UVM. They get you going in the clinic from the get go. I'm not sure how many hours we get but it is spread out across the entire program. We will be in the clinic on campus for the first 2 semesters. Something I found interesting was that they don't work with the medical center at the moment unfortunately. I'm not sure why but they are in the works of bridging our program with the UVM Medical Center so fingers are crossed there! There is one semester of a medical placement incorporated into the curricul
  4. I attended the open house I got to speak to some of the professors one on one after. They were extremely nice, friendly and approachable. They also seemed to be really supportive of their students and take into consideration what type of placements (medical, school etc..) the student wants. They also had a few students attend the open house to help answer any questions from a student's perspective. They seemed to really love the program there. I also want to second what bibliophile222 said. With a smaller cohort of 18 students, it seems that it ends up being a more intimate setting.
  5. Hi! I'll be looking for a roommate when I move there! I absolutely loved it when I visited a few weeks ago. the professors seem really amazing as well and the students seem to really love the program there. There are some very well known faculty as well at UVM. Let me know how it goes! I'm open to looking at places with people and I plan on going out there sometime at the end of next month or so to look at housing options.
  6. Thank you so much for letting me know about the 60 day notice and about the different options! I wasn't aware of that notice requirement. 6 hours isn't terrible to check out places to live. It is 6 hours one way for me without traffic to get home from where I live now/went to school. Best of luck getting multiple appointments! I think that it is the best way to do it. I too have been checking Craigslist but everything still seems to be fairly steep. Congratulations on the partial scholarship! I also received a scholarship and will have to accept by April 9th as well. I got waitlisted to A
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has committed to UVM for Fall 2018 yet. I was able to visit a few weeks ago and I think I will be committing to the program within the next few days! If so, what is everyone's living situation? I'll be moving from states over and will be needing to find a roommate and place to live. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about finding a roommate since I don't think a Facebook group has been started yet?
  8. Hello! I found out last week I was accepted into Hofstra's program as well but I will be unable to make it out to the open house since flights are about $600 (yikes!). Would you mind filling me in on the open house, what you though of the clinics/professors/program and such? I'm currently deciding between this school and UVM (University of Vermont). Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello, I took it through CSUSUM (Cal State San Marcos). It was an online format that met live once a week. There were quizzes and a project with a final at the end. It was very doable and getting an A is very doable as well as long as you pay attention and listen to the recordings/read the slides. The professors are engaging during the live sessions and they treat it as a review session which is very helpful. What they go over during the live sessions is also very helpful for the quizzes and exam as well. Best of luck!
  10. Hello! I received that email as well but it was a duplicate from the one they had sent out last month or something. I know I received an email for an open house sometime last month. I will be attending that this Friday but I have yet to commit. I just got an acceptance from Hofstra. On a side note, does anyone know if a group Facebook for the incoming class has been made yet? Although I haven't committed yet, I'm leaning towards it at the moment and will be looking for roommate(s).
  11. Oh no! Hearing about the program being disorganized is always concerning. Do you find it difficult to get into the classes that you need? Is everyone in the cohort taking the same classes at the same time? Do they help with clinical placements with other SLPs/clinics to observe the interests that aren't covered in the program? Because you're attending a school in the Bay Area, do you feel as though it makes it easier to find a job there because of the school (from faculty support, networking etc...)? I've already been accepted to another program but that is out of state. However, I'm loo
  12. Hi speechie72! I will be attending the interview on Monday. Would you mind sharing any tips to prepare and what to expect in the interview? I'm a Bay Area native that moved to SoCal for the last few years but I am contemplating on returning home. For the program itself, do you feel that there is a specific group the program focuses on (school/medical setting, children/adults etc...)? Do you also feel as though you are getting enough hands on experience?
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