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  1. moar_skool

    Contacting POI- Is it really a thing?

    I would say yes, contact them! I applied for PhD programs in Special Education, and found that by reaching out to professors ahead of time (like August/September of application season) helped me out (I ended up getting final admissions interviews with each of these POIs). It shows you have initiative and are truly interested in their research. That way, when applications come their way, any professors you'd be interested in having as an advisor/working with will already know who you are and what you're about. I second what Warelin said above, make sure whatever you ask can't be answered on the website. I just contacted each to hear more about their work and ask questions about it and their advising style.
  2. moar_skool

    Any married grad students here?

    So I recently got engaged and will be starting a PhD program this fall. How terrible is it going to be to plan a wedding and start my PhD in the same year?
  3. moar_skool

    Baltimore, MD

    I paid $850 (including utilities) for a furnished room in a row house (just a room, not my own apartment). Now that I know the Baltimore market better, than is WAY overpriced. But I didn't know that at the time. I would suggest looking in Mount Vernon/Midtown Belvedere or Station North as well and taking the free Hopkins bus up to homewood. It's very doable in terms of transportation, and you may be able to find a better housing deal in those areas. Plus they tend to have more of a young adult crowd/activities. I lived in Mount Vernon for a year in a fully furnished, spacious 2-bedroom for $1700 (divided between two roommates)--same rent as my Charles Village rental situation but I got so much more for the money. Charles Village has had a ton of development even in the 2 years since I lived there, so I imagine prices are getting steeper. The Hopkins shuttle runs up & down Charles/St.Paul so anything generally along those streets will allow you to catch the shuttle easily.
  4. moar_skool

    Baltimore, MD

    Which campus will you be on? I went to the School of Public Health for my master's in 2015-2016 and rented a space off of the Hopkins housing site (it's like craigslist for Hopkins students). If you're on the Homewood campus, the surrounding areas of Charles Village and Remington are nice but very undergrad. I lived there for a year and loved the area but felt a little too old for the undergrad scene. If you're on the medical (east baltimore) campus, I would NOT suggest living in East Baltimore (like the 929 building), but instead living in Mount Vernon, Midtown Belvedere, Bolton Hill, Station North, or Charles Village and just taking the shuttle bus to campus (it runs regularly and is free!). If you have a car or fine with walking to the medical campus, Upper Fells, Butchers Hill, and Patterson Park are nice too. It mostly depends on which campus you'll be on, and what your options are for transportation.
  5. moar_skool

    University of Maryland (UMD) - Fall 2018

    Are you all moving to the area or do you already live close?
  6. moar_skool

    Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget?

    My first two years, I managed to rent places that were already furnished. It's not the cleanest or most ideal situation but it does save some money--especially if you're not sure how long you're staying in the area. Since then, I've pretty much furnished my entire living space off of Facebook selling pages. The city I live in has specific selling pages for neighborhoods (not just the general marketplace option) so my boyfriend and I followed a whole bunch of those pages and collected furniture over time. Our best deals came from the wealthier neighborhood pages where people were just trying to move out quick and didn't care about the money as long as you could pick it up that day. As mentioned above, you could also ask friends & family. My family doesn't live close so that wasn't an option for me, but it's a great resource if yours do!
  7. moar_skool

    University of Maryland (UMD) - Fall 2018

    Hi! I'll be starting a PhD in Special Education this fall
  8. A little background: I went straight from undergrad into a master's program, then after I graduated I took 2 years off from school to work and get some "real world" experience.This fall I'll be heading back to school for a PhD. I feel like I have a general idea of what to expect from having done my master's program, but at the same time, I'm also expecting the PhD to be way harder/more time consuming. So here's my question for those of you who have done both: How was your experience (in terms of time, work/life balance, intensity, etc.) different between your master's and PhD programs? I know this will vary by discipline but I'd appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  9. I was also wondering about this. The PhD program I'll be starting in the fall is set up the same way and I'm a little confused as to why. Maybe so that PhD students can TA undergrad classes that are typically earlier in the day?
  10. moar_skool


    In my experience, having your advisor as 2nd author is a given if they helped with the paper/poster (but you still get to be 1st author).
  11. moar_skool

    Baltimore, MD

    I'm not familiar with the MICA dorms specifically, but I used to live in the Mount Vernon/Midtown Belvedere neighborhood which is next to Bolton Hill. The area is very walkable and there are buses & a light rail train that run through MICA's campus to other areas of the city, so you could definitely do without a car. In terms of price--I rented a spacious 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment for $1700/month ($850 per roommate). Unfurnished, you can find a lot cheaper. Safety-wise, there is definitely some crime, but just be smart about it--don't walk alone at night, don't have your phone out/headphones in, pay attention, etc. Keep your wits about you, and you should be fine. I moved to Baltimore 3 years ago for my Master's and stayed in the area (because Baltimore is awesome). Feel free to ask me any questions!
  12. moar_skool

    Johns Hopkins or UCSD PhD Biology???

    I'm not in your field so the only thing I can advise on is location. I moved to Baltimore 3 years ago to do my Master's at Hopkins (at school of public health). I absolutely LOVE Baltimore--so much so that I decided to stay and still live here. Obviously it's going to be very different from California, but as long as you can handle colder/grayer winters, you should be fine. Baltimore has an awesome arts and foodie scene, lots of fun outdoor areas, and is super close to DC (1 hr), Philly (2 hrs), & NYC (3 hrs), so there's always something going on. As for your SO, the job market in Baltimore is decent, and it is only an hour from DC, so many people live in Baltimore and take the train to DC for work. Again, it depends on your SO's field, but there are a lot of academic , government, & policy jobs in this area. Ultimately choose what is best for you and your career, but don't let Baltimore scare you away from a great program/degree. Also #EastCoastBEASTCoast

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