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    ResilientDreams reacted to ClinPsy01 in Coronavirus & Academia 2020   
    As a faculty member, this week has been overwhelming and chaotic for us all. Given how scared and uncertain students (and faculty) have felt this week, having recently learned of the existence of GradCafe it occurred to me that hearing from a faculty member might be helpful to some of you and so I planned to start a post expressing my support. However, upon seeing this thread, I wanted to address the initial poster's concern first and then share my thoughts (albeit - I am just one perspective).
    My university, like so many, has moved to online-only instruction until mid-April, at minimum. I teach a graduate cognitive assessment class. Even if it were possible to teach test administration online (which I doubt anyone could do well - I certainly cannot), my students have to share some test kits with each other plus given the interactive nature of cognitive testing, it would be impossible for my students to administer a test battery and not touch objects that the testee also touches. #WAISIVCOVID19Outbreak is not the hashtag I want to follow my students or I, because we have an obligation to, above all else, do no harm. The skills-based aspect of my course will be on hold until we can resume in-person instruction. That means I, and my students, will need to be flexible regarding making up the missed classes, but I am willing to give up part of my summer to make sure my students are prepared in the way they need to be.
    Let's hope that we're out of the woods by August! That said, as current students, prospective students, and students who will be entering a program in Fall 2020 - it is not your job to worry about how the COVID-19 crisis will affect your education. I understand may of you will worry, and that's okay - but your professors are and will do everything they can to make sure your education continues as planned.
    All that said, I hope everyone is okay. For those of you who had to leave campus abruptly, I am sorry. For those of you who had spring-break plans cancelled, I am sorry. For anyone who is scared - you are not alone. For anyone who is angry about this disruption - you are not alone. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a student or future student right now. Most (I want to believe all of ) your professors are doing the best they can. I realize that may not feel like enough, but it's the best we can do right now. Please take care of yourselves and if you are feeling anxious about the fall, do reach out to current faculty or POIs. We're here.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to psychpsychpsych in is anyone only completing a skype interview rather than an in person interview?   
    I've done this twice now (they don't do onsite, probably because of location) and I was really happy I had to the opportunity to do this. It was a really great way to see if I hit it off with the PI's. You can only gauge so much from email exchanges and their research about their personality. I think it's a good way to see if you guys are on the same page research and personality wise. I've had several friends do formal interviews via skype instead of onsite because of location and they both got into their top schools. From what I gather, schools take these skype interviews as serious as onsite ones. So I wouldn't worry about it not being equivalent to being there in person!
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    ResilientDreams reacted to psychpsychpsych in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I'll PM you!
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    ResilientDreams reacted to DangerDave in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    Seems like it! I just received an invite for the Cornell interview - Feb 6-8th. (I'm the one posted in the results page). DM me if ya want POI initials, and good luck to ya all! No idea if they have sent out all or just some of them.
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from DangerDave in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    They've already asked us if we're able to host you guys for interview weekend so it will probably be soon!
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from slothh in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    They've already asked us if we're able to host you guys for interview weekend so it will probably be soon!
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from DangerDave in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    Darn it! I was over eager. I thought I remember getting my email this week last year. Umm. Sure hope I got in, because otherwise this past semester has been very confusing. 😂
    And you'll definitely get one 😛
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from DangerDave in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    Who here is interviewing at Cornell?
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    ResilientDreams reacted to goldenxpenguins in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I just got an email from my top choice POI of all the programs I applied to about having an informal phone interview and I swear I almost passed out when I saw her name pop up in my inbox! I know it's only an informal interview, but I'm shocked I even got this far lol. 
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from pizzarollgotbusted in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I'm a successful applicant from the 2019 cycle, so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me! I'll be at Cornell in the fall.
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from bitcohen in How do PhD students usually spend their summers?   
    I'm on a 9 month stipend in a Developmental Psychology PhD program which means I'm technically not paid in the summer. How have others in similar situations spent their summers? Is it typically a more relaxed time? Will I have an opportunity to go home and visit family?
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from FactoryReset in Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD   
    Good luck guys. ❤️ 
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Adelaide9216 in I failed my thesis.   
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Adelaide9216 in I failed my thesis.   
    THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT! I learned a lot from this experience even if it was difficult and I will be able to carry that knowledge on to my PhD studies
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Adelaide9216 in I failed my thesis.   
    I actually thanked the examiner in my acknowledgements! My thesis is much stronger in terms of quality now and I am proud of my work.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to goldenxpenguins in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    Hi everyone!
    I hope that you are all doing well! I have been lurking on GradCafe for about a year now and finally decided to make a profile a few weeks ago. I am applying to mostly Developmental Psychology PhD programs and maybe one Communications PhD program. This is my first time applying as I took a gap year (technically 2?) after I graduated in September 2018 to get more research experience. I am not really sure if I am a competitive applicant, but I just thought why not try my luck and see what happens! 
    My research interests are mainly: gender and identity development across the lifespan (i.e., childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood); changes to self-esteem and emotion regulation throughout adolescence; how mass media influences children and young people (e.g., how it affects their self-esteem, body image, what it teaches them about gender norms, etc.). I am also interested in developmental pathways of mood, anxiety, eating, and substance use disorders, but I'm not sure if I want to do that type of work for my whole PhD, if I was to get accepted somewhere.
    The schools that I currently have on my list are:
    University of Pittsburgh University of Michigan (either for Developmental Psych or Communication Studies, still deciding) Cornell University Tufts University UC-Davis UC-Riverside UC-Santa Cruz UCLA University of Pennsylvania Northwestern University Penn State University Georgetown University  
    This list will most likely change depending on which professors are taking students and whether I decide to add/remove any. I am also applying to four post-bacc programs as a back-up plan in case this cycle doesn't work out. Additionally, I am looking for fellowships to apply for and so far, only the NSF GRFP is on my list. I am taking the summer to study for the GRE, read POIs recent journal articles/email them to find out who is taking students for next year, and draft my application materials. I already know that my anxiety is going to be through the roof during this whole process, so it's nice to have this community where we can all freak out together 😊.
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from s1985 in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I'm a successful applicant from the 2019 cycle, so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me! I'll be at Cornell in the fall.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to sgaw10 in The Positivity Thread   
    Finished my last ever assignment of undergrad. Feels strange. 
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from justacigar in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I'm a successful applicant from the 2019 cycle, so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me! I'll be at Cornell in the fall.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to emotional in Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology PhD   
    I am also throwing my hat into the ring! Long-time lurker here, finally decided to participate in the GradCafe community!
    This is my second time applying for PhD programs, and I feel excited to give this another shot. For my first attempt, I felt pressured from my cohort mates and advisor in my developmental psychology master's program to apply to PhD programs. Ultimately, I didn't get any interviews or acceptances for my first round of applications. I was completely relieved that it panned out that way because I was not ready, and  I knew I wanted to pursue a research project coordinator position before my doctoral studies. Now that I am wrapping up my second year as a project coordinator in an applied developmental psychology research lab, I am itching to go back to school, and I am taking this as a sign of positive juju flowing!
    My research interests are broadly around the interplay between cognitive and socio-emotional development in young children across different cultures. Specifically, I am interested in how young children experience and understand their own and others' emotions.
    The potential schools that seem like a good fit for my research interests are:
    New York University Penn State University University of Denver Cornell University UC Berkeley University of Virginia University of Minnesota Georgetown University As of right now, I am planning to get an early start on my application to make sure I give myself ample time to revise and get feedback. I am also planning to retake the GRE in the coming months.
    Now that I put this out in the universe, this is my first step to manifesting this dream into reality! Looking forward to support one another to get where we want to be!
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Adelaide9216 in I failed my thesis.   
    just wanted to give some news to those who were worried about me: I am okay. My mental state is good, despite the circumstances. I do a lot of self-care. I want to thank those of you who have shown empathy towards me and remembered that I am a human being (instead of being paternalistic and judgmental or tried to "Dr Phil'ed" me on the Internet in assuming that I should not do a Ph.D which is a big LOL to me).
    My supervisor said that if the external examiner fails me again, we're going to appeal for sure. I feel better though because I know that I have a "recourse" or an option if something turns bad again.
    The news came out that I got the scholarship. I have received multiple hundreds of messages of congratulations. Not all of those people know about my thesis failure, but I feel encouraged by these people who actually know me IRL and are confident in my ability to succeed. 
    I also have a third professor who has accepted to read and comment the revised version of my thesis, before we send it off to evaluation again.
    I feel less anxious than I did a month ago. I am going to do the best that I can, just like I have always done, and I know that in the event that something happens again, my whole department is ready to defend me in the case of an appeal (again, these are professors that have known me for years and are confident in my ability to succeed in academia).
    I also want to mention that I won't be coming here as much as I used to, because this place is not healthy for me. If you want to keep in touch, just PM me.
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    ResilientDreams got a reaction from NotAlice in The Positivity Thread   
    I graduated from undergrad today!!!!
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Sigaba in I failed my thesis.   
    If you're so inclined, I recommend that you take a look at her master's thesis/report, her doctoral dissertation, and also recent theses that she supervised (with most of your effort spent on this last task). You may be able to get additional insight IRT her expectations. Ideally, the patterns are clear and consistent.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Adelaide9216 in I failed my thesis.   
    I work on this everyday. Yesterday was the first day I took a day off ever since I learned I have failed. It's really hard emotionally, I feel anxious very often, but at least, I'm into action mode. Thanks everyone and I really appreciate those of you who PM'd me to check on me. It means a lot to me. I emailed my department and they said they will do everything to make sure I pass (even if I don't exactly know what that means).
    Everyone is confident that I can succeed (family, friends, colleagues, supervisor, department) but I am still doubtful due to what happened. I'm just scared of that reviewer. Even the best parts I have done in my thesis (according to her) did not get a great mark. She is very severe and has high expectations...I don't think she wants to fail me, and I always believed she had good faith. But she does have very high expectations, and I was told that she is expecting stuff that are not required for a master's thesis (but that I still will do due to the fact that she will evaluate the second version of my thesis).
    If I fail again, even if I'd bring it to the Dean, I'd still lose Vanier and my PhD admission. So I have decided that ff I fail again, I think it'll just mean that doctoral studies weren't meant for me and that my road is elsewhere, which I am ready to accept. I have a lot of willpower and drive, but in the end, life has the last word. I did everything I could to pass, I don't think I am to blame for what happened. There are a lot of external factors to this situation that were against me. Sometimes, it just isn't meant to happen. I will do everything to pass, but I'm ready to accept failure and to leave academia if this isn't for me.
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    ResilientDreams reacted to Sigaba in I failed my thesis.   
    I am sorry that you're in pain right now. I hope that you're able to navigate the tangled path that awaits.
    I agree. 
    @Adelaide9216, I very strongly recommend that you do your best to put aside your understandable sense of disappointment and your other feelings when you read through the comments. The exercise should be more than just doing what you need to do to satisfy a stern critic.
    I urge you to assume good faith on that individual's part. I recommend that you step away from thoughts about going to the dean if she doesn't do what you want her to do. Yes, it may come to that, but if you approach the revisions with that option in mind, your emotions may get in the way for an opportunity for intellectual and personal growth.
    I suggest that you look at this unfortunate outcome as a temporary set back and an opportunity for professional and intellectual growth in addition to how you feel about it personally.
    I recommend that you develop a plan of action with a time table. What follows are very broad brush /YMMV recommendations.
    I suggest that the first item on the list should be to put your thesis and the comments aside for at least one entire week so you can spend time working with your feelings. Then, reread a clean copy of your thesis in one long sitting. A day or two later, study the critical comments assuming good faith on the reviewers part. There will be points that resonate, others that you can take or leave, and some that are likely nitpicking.  From this study,  develop talking points for a discussion between yourself and the reviewer. This conversation could be attended by your advisor or not, as you see fit. (I would recommend doing it alone.) I would recommend that the conversation involve more listening on your part than talking. (The desire to debate will be almost overwhelming, but please try to put that aside.) After this conversation, take a break of a day or two. Then, revisit the list of recommended changes and, point by point, develop a matrix of what has to be changed, what might be changed, and (if necessary) where you're going to hold your ground. From there,  develop a time table that sees you working on the revisions and checking in with your advisor and the reviewer. The objective of these check-ins is to make sure that everyone is on the same page IRT what you're going to do and (if necessary) what you're not going to do. Concurrently, do what you can to assemble a couple of red teams who will take one and only one look at all or parts of the revised thesis with a critical eye and very sharp blue pencils (if possible.) Throughout, you will need to find a healthy balance of paying attention to how you feel while not letting those feelings overwhelm the process. To paraphrase, the woman rides the horse, not the other way around.  
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