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  1. I was accepted in CSUN and CSUSB both for their online programs. Anyone else still waiting?
  2. I did. I had my interview yesterday
  3. Where did to apply? I constantly check my email everyday.
  4. I applied to LSU( I was accepted into their program), CSUN and CSUSB( still waiting to hear back from them). I am a nervous wreck but I am hopeful! Good Luck Everyone!
  5. Has anyone else applied to LSU MSW ONLINE program?
  6. Hi there everyone! I applied to CSUN, CSUSB, and LSU for their MSW online programs. Has anyone heard anything? I have received emails from all of them that they have my applications, but nothing more than that. CSUSB sent me an email saying I was accepted by the school now I need acceptance into the school of social work. fingers crossed. They are my first choice, since it is the cheapest program.
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