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  1. Mayli

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    @ringoandme, I do the same at work! @lovekilledinos, when I'm not at work, editing, painting, or trying and failing to read a physical book, I have found walking around with an audiobook very helpful. Audiostrolling, I call it. Best thing about it is that one of the libraries I go to uses Overdrive/Libby, so I don't pay for them and can devour them while I do other things ☺️
  2. Mayli

    Post Your Backup Plan

    It can be so soul-sucking to feel like you aren't making positive change and contributing, but yes, academia is not the only way to do it! @XLW I hope you get in, and that's a great account of time off well-spent for people who aren't sure what they want or might have to try again. @ringoandmeCongratulations!
  3. Mayli

    2019 Applicants

    I'm stuck at work today but I decided to make a terrible mistake and check the USPS informed delivery online. There's A PIECE OF MAIL FROM A SCHOOL I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM. Sitting in my mailbox until 5pm EST... ?
  4. Mayli

    2019 Applicants

    That's an awesome combo, though! What did you play? I haven't been in a band in a while, but 5 years ago I was in one called Cuddlefish Wizardry (folk/funk), and before that I was in one called Static Ego (on and off) and another called Penny and the Dreadfuls. I know one of them still does shows, but I broke up with the drummer and went to college, as it goes. ?
  5. Mayli

    2019 Applicants

    My aunts (I've got a large and "involved" extended family) were disappointed I didn't get married and have kids after high school (let alone coming out), then that I moved far away, that I switched from computer science to English & biology in undergrad, then finally when I decided to get my MA. When that was fully-funded and lead to a job handed to me, they started to turn the sails. I'm especially happy because they were much more open to my younger cousins going to school far away and pursue a variety of passions. I think you are going to have a lot more opportunity than they expect, and hopefully that will lead to more familial support for you. I also think your research interests are compelling, and I'm not just saying that because I used to be in a punk band ?. It's an interesting subculture, and that can lead to some valuable cultural insights elsewhere, too. What's your other major? I know having two majors did a lot for me in my MA.
  6. Mayli

    2019 Acceptances

    Honestly, I am incredibly disappointed that I won't be able to make that weekend. I would lose my job, however, and I'll need it if I'm going to move somewhere for a PhD. ?
  7. Mayli

    2019 Acceptances

    Thank you! This is very comforting to know. Congrats on your acceptances!
  8. Mayli

    2019 Acceptances

    I got an admissions call from UM Columbia today and I AM STILL SHAKING! This program is tied for my top choice and I can hardly think. The trouble is, they invited me to their admitted visit day, where CLAUDIA RANKINE will be reading, and they offered to help fund the trip. I've got time to decide and wait for the letter, but I know work will not allow me to take the time off. I'm planning a very large event for 1,000+ people for the same day and simply can't do anything about it. Is it appropriate to let the program know this and ask if I might schedule an alternate time to visit?
  9. I know there are similar, though less advances, versions of this for some programs. For example, Newpages and Poets & Writers have databases for English folks. It would be excellent if there were a consistently updated and inclusive list of all graduate programs. I would be willing to to turn off adblock for that ? There's also a thread on here for funding packages in my program. Maybe all it takes is starting a thread with a link to a Google Doc. People could add tabs for program types and list programs within. I am sure many people would contribute!
  10. Mayli

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    I did the same thing, only applying to 5. Really, though, if I had added "just in case" schools I may not have gone even if I did get in. 4 of the 5 I chose are dream schools, and the last is only excluded from that classification because of location. For me, it was a balance of saving money and avoiding settling for a school I didn't think I'd thrive in as much. If I don't get in, I'll make sure my work is better next year. Hopefully you do, and hopefully all 5 you chose are great matches. Soon we will all know our fates!
  11. Mayli

    Post Your Backup Plan

    I also want to go to all the parks! Such a big landscape to explore, but pretty expensive to leave the country. I really want to go to India, too.
  12. Mayli

    The Positivity Thread

    What was the play? How was it? (And good luck this weekend!)
  13. Mayli

    Post Your Backup Plan

    Wow, that's amazing! Does that make it hard to choose? Top school or Google, or would you go to one of your others if you had the chance? @Moods Where would you travel?
  14. Mayli

    Post Your Backup Plan

    So many people are talking about their backup plan ideas for what they might do if they don't get in to their program(s) of choice or don't receive funding. In a perfect world, we all get in and we get funding! I know I've been adding to my folder of end-of-the-world memes ?. While we wait, what are your other hypothetical options? Applying again? Traveling? Another career path? Throwing a silent fit? Maybe this will help those of us who are freaking out about our futures (or at least provide a good distraction).
  15. Mayli

    How do I know if I'm ready for grad school?

    Best of luck to you, too! I'm sure you're going to surprise yourself and do wonderfully!

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