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  1. I’ve been looking at Bentley University, CMU, Tufts, Northeastern, and SVA for UI/UX/HCI programs.
  2. Who else was rejected to every grad program they applied to? What did you end up doing after? (Work, reapply, give up, etc.)
  3. In grade school, I struggled with anxiety and depression and missed a lot of school. One counselor gave up on me and told me not to come back to her. Another told me to drop out of school. A third told me that I shouldn’t bother going to college because she didn’t think I could handle it. I didn’t listen to them and I graduated and applied to college anyway. I was rejected to my top school but accepted at a different college. I overcame my anxiety and depression. I double majored, took 6 classes every semester, worked at relevant internships and as a TA every semester. I was a workaholic
  4. I was rejected by BU’s Graphic Design program. The last one I’m waiting for is RISD which I’m sure is a no since I’ve heard nothing. I wonder what they didn’t like about my application. Even my safety school said no. I guess I’ll continue adding to my resume, redo my portfolio, and try again next year. I wish I could see portfolios of accepted students so I have a sense of what style they’re looking for.
  5. I was rejected to the MassArt DMI program. That was my "safety" school, so I'm assuming that I'll be rejected to RISD and Boston University as well since I've heard nothing from them. I'm not sure what's lacking in my application, other than that I'm just graduating from undergrad and my graphic design style is more practical/commercial than abstract/artsy. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  6. I haven't heard a peep from Boston University, MassArt, or RISD. No interview or rejection or anything. I'm starting to lose hope, at least for the first two since their deadlines were the beginning of January and other people have heard back already.
  7. Lol When I got rejected from Yale, my professor said her car got stolen while visiting there. 😂
  8. I was rejected to Yale for Graphic Design, but I'm fresh out of undergrad so that may be why. I'm also not sure if my portfolio style is a match for them. I'm curious to see what the portfolios look like of accepted/interviewed applicants to get an idea of what they look for. 🙂
  9. I'm confused by FAFSA deadlines for some of the programs I applied for. The MassArt page says FAFSA was due by February 1st and the RISD one is due by February 15. Is this true? I'm confused as to why I would fill them out if I haven't even been accepted or rejected yet. Does that mean it's too late for me to do it for MassArt?
  10. Thank you, that's great to know! I'll reach out to learn more if I'm accepted. I applied for DMI as well and still waiting, so they probably haven't sent any out yet. Hopefully soon!
  11. I was rejected by Yale for Graphic Design MFA. I’m not really disappointed because of the low acceptance rate. I thought I had a strong portfolio and reccomendations. In undergrad, my gpa was 3.87 and I double majored in graphic design and interactive media and I’ve had a lot of internship and job experience. I’m thinking maybe my style isn’t what they’re looking for. Looking at their current students work, it looks much more abstract than my work. Or it could be because I’m freshly out of undergrad. I’m not sure, just speculating. Now I’m waiting to hear from RISD, Boston Unive
  12. Hi I’m a graphic designer and I finished my MFA applications last week. I’ll be graduating with my B.A. soon. I double majored in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. I applied to: -Yale -RISD -Boston University -MassArt Good luck everyone and hope we hear back soon. ?
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