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  1. I did the save as above - took the practice test available through ETS to figure out what I needed to focus on. I purchased the Kaplan and Princeton Review Books and made detailed notes on everything. Any questions I got wrong in the ETS practice test, I googled the concepts and made notes on those. I then memorized the fuck out of everything (think strategy for 2nd year undergrad content heavy MC exams). I basically rewrite everything and say it outloud to memorize, but I'm sure you have a strategy that works for you. I scored in the 97th percentile in the test - I was honestly shocked, I didn't expect to get that high but I think if you cover all your bases (like I tried my best to do), and memorize everything/familiarize yourself with as many concepts as you can, you can expect to do quite well too.
  2. Hi there, To my knowledge, there are not too many PsyD programs in Canada. There may be just a couple programs: Memorial University, University of Montreal, and the Adler school of professional psychology, I believe. The vast amount of students who wish to become clinical psychologists go through the PhD program. Ideally, you should really like research to go that route but I know students who have "faked it" to a certain extent just so they can get through their program and achieve their end goal of being a clinician. I don't think this is that uncommon but it is frowned upon if you are open about this with faculty if you are being considered for admission. I don't know if this is true but I've spoken to other clinical psychology students who when I asked them why they didn't consider a PsyD said that it was not as well accepted in Canada. Not sure if this is the case but it is certainly less common. All in all I would suggest that if you're really interested in clinical work and do not want to do research, it's best to do a PsyD but I would recommend checking out schools in the states. They have far more established PsyD programs there so you'll have much more choice. I'm pursuing the PhD route myself, but if you have any questions feel free to PM, I'll try my best to answer.
  3. Hi there, I got accepted into a competitive clinical psych program with a cGPA below 3.5 but a last two years GPA of about 3.8/3.85. I like yourself didnt have a lot of direction early in undergrad, which I wish I did. I've had profs actually comment in disbelief about the difference between my earlier and later grades, which is why I think they're not presented with that as often. To give you some perspective, there is a 40 percent difference between my lowest and highest grade. I truly believe there are not that many of us, even when I went to my interview days people would humble brag about their high test scores /GPA ("omg I didn't think I would make it this far cause I got 2 A- in my last year ! !") . I think it depends on the school and on your own personal background. I had a very extensive CV (which admitting faculty commented on being better than average). But I knew I had to have that given my grades. Basically, I KNOW it is possible, but you will have to put a lot of hard work in, only apply to schools who say they don't look at your earlier years, and be prepared to not get in on your first try (which I would honestly also so to applicants with higher GPAs). I can only speak from my own experience but I'm happy to answer any more specific questions if you PM me. Don't give up just yet!!
  4. Yes, this happened to me last year! She was so sure I had multiple offers and was so keen on making sure I picked her school and then I didn't even get an offer into the program! Granted, I don't think she had control over this but it made me feel so awkward and shitty.
  5. I got rejected after an interview last year, I got an email from the program director but it was pretty standard. They also spelled my name wrong which I think is pretty disrespectful considering I came in for two days of interviews. My main PI was not part of the admissions committee though - perhaps if she was I may have heard from her directly. Good luck!
  6. This!: https://www.folio.ca/up-to-70-per-cent-of-us-feel-like-a-fraud-says-u-of-a-psychologist/
  7. I relate to this topic so much, my supervisor offered me an opportunity to start collaboration on a publication before grad school and I SOOOOO want to start but at the same time Im afraid to burn out so I'm trying to forego working as much as possible before grad school. But at the same time I spent so many years working for this goal and now it's just over? I need to spend some time building hobbies but I have no idea what to do... Any ideas?
  8. Yes, but my partner is in his final year of medical school so it makes it even worse because he will just be slotted into a location because of the match system. Luckily the school I will be attending in the fall is pretty central (located in a big city) but it's still nerve wracking!
  9. Did anyone else get accepted into UofT Clinical Psychology at UTSC? Please PM if you did and are planning on accepting, would love to know who else will be starting in the Fall. Btw I am the same person who posted previously about their acceptance!
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