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  1. The president said pretty clearly this executive order applies to people seeking green cards. F1 / J1 student visas are non-immigrant visas and therefore shouldn't be affected. I am sure this is a stressful time for everyone but stoking fears about something you have zero information about is utterly pointless.
  2. Or alternatively, just wait to see what the EO actually says before panicking?
  3. Go to the cheapest. If you are determined and smart your outcomes will be near identical. You can comfortably pay of 10k debt in a year if you live frugally. 80k will have an significant impact on your life.
  4. Try renegotiating. I got my offer increased from 50% -> 85%...
  5. Please please please do not do this.
  6. 100% go to SAIS. The sticker price of a so-called "elite" international affairs program is not worth it.
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