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  1. I wish I could just do a comp and get it over with. I can't stand research anymore and I don't want to go for a PhD. A comp seems like it would be a good option to keep this thesis from dragging on.
  2. I've done therapy, and I will do it again when I get back to school from my internship. It has helped me in the past. I even take medication for it, but it doesn't help much.
  3. Hi Dal, First off, thank you so much for your quick response. You seem to be on fire today First answer: I honestly don't know where I'm at anymore. One day my advisor tells me that my work is almost done and that I should start writing, the next say she starts changing things around and almost seems annoyed/confused that I am writing. At this point, I'm just trying to say screw it, and write, because it is somewhat motivating to see my thesis take form, but then she changes things again, and all my writing goes out the window. She has done a poor job at giving me an idea of where I'm a
  4. I'm sure this is pretty common in Graduate school, but I also understand many others who love grad school. Honestly, I hate my life in many ways because I made the decision to go to grad school. I'm starting my third year in a MS program, and I have lost all ambition, desire, focus, and hope. I just want to be done, but I have no energy left to finish. It's clear that my advisor does not care one bit about me, and cares even less about my career goals. All she wants to see is me go on to a PhD, which I have absolutely no desire to do. I couldn't imagine doing this for another 6-10 years in
  5. Hi Fuzzylogician, Thank you so much for your reply! Your advice is excellent! In reply to your questions, there's good news and bad news about my situation. First off, I just want to get the degree (actually an MS, but I don't think there's much difference at the masters level ), and use it to find a job teaching at a community college. I have no intentions of going further into academia. The bad news is that after two years of working with this lady, I've determined that this is just how she's like. The purpose of my internship as I've mentioned is to pursue my thesis research, with
  6. Where do I begin, I'm a MASTERS student (not a PhD) finishing up my second year. I am sort of in a tough place right now. Before the Spring semester ended, my advisor seemed interested in my thesis and in helping me finish. I'm really trying to finish in the Fall, because I'm getting married next summer. I've made tremendous progress this summer as a visiting graduate student at the top research lab in my field (the purpose of the internship IS for my thesis), but my advisor has become absolutely aphethitic to helping me whatsoever. I'm not asking her to spend copious amounts of time on my
  7. I'm going to try to not make this a rant, but I'd really like your thoughts about this. While I completely get the "Boss-Employee" relationship between advisors and students in Grad School, I don't think it's that black and white. I've always thought the relationship between advisor and student was critical to helping the student achieve their goals and providing both support and supervision to the student. Of course, the advisor needs to get something out of the relationship too (hence, why they pay you), but I guess I've always wanted to believe that ultimately, the advisor should have th
  8. No, not fearful at all. If someone wants to call me out on my review, they have the right to. As long as they respect my right to give it. However, these reviews are supposed to be ANONYMOUS. As for the whole not giving an A for C work... that's why the education of other countries is advancing well beyond our country. Grade inflation is a crock of $hit, and I'm not afraid to admit that! It's an insult to my education, and to the education of millions of Americans. Learning stuff isn't too hard if you apply yourself, no matter what level it is. God help anyone who takes my courses.
  9. Wow, quoting bible verses on me, huh? I wrote nothing on that eval that I haven't or wouldn't share in person. The problem is that very few people in this world are able to differentiate constructive criticism from destructive, and thus take every form of criticism negative. I am no worse than the people who talk smack about people behind their backs and then do nothing about it. I'd rather be upfront about issues than pretend they don't exist. That's how cancer kills. With that said, what in my incident would be considered "self-inflicting"? I provided an honest, fair evaluation that many
  10. What I meant to say above is not that I think the 1-5 scale is stupid if anything below a 5 is considered bad, it's that I'll be a lot more careful in how I use these evaluations in the future. But I still refuse to give an "A" for "C" work. That's what's wrong in academia now. You know how many dumb@$$ quizzes I have to grade because professors let that crap slide.
  11. Thanks for the posts guys. As for the whole "never below a 4" thing, I personally see it the same way I do grades. If you are only going to give good students A's and bad student's B's, then what's the point of C's D's and F's? To me, A five point scale is that, five points. I don't consider anything below a 5 to be searing, and I don't even see 2's or 1's as necessarily condemning either. To me, it's simply a review of "What you are great at" vs. "What you need to improve at." In other words, the interpretation of the scores seems to be really subjective to me; a "4" is still really good, and
  12. Hi Everybody, I'll just shoot straight. This morning, I just got my first, concentrated dose of academic politics. Here's what happened: Last semester, I took a class with a professor who has some serious strengths (organization, useful and relevant assignments, etc), and some serious weaknesses (approachability is the main one here). The class was overall good. When it was time for us to do our student evaluations, I filled out mine fairly and honestly, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of this particular instructor, knowing that their career could hang in the balance. I did t
  13. Yeah, um, if any advisor controlled my life, I would leave immeadiately. I think I let the fear of her control my life! But I also need to keep in mind that this is MY education and MY life. While I completely recognize my advisor's role in my education as well as the resources she makes available to me, that's only part of what has made my graduate education possible. Very, very well put! I have to admit that I'm getting close to that right now.
  14. My advisor scares the crap out of me! Seriously, I am terrified of this lady! Is this the case for anyone else on here too?
  15. Oh, and BTW, there is NOTHING wrong with being motivated to do household chores, or anything else non-grad school. Something tells me that when your motivation kicks back in (and it will ) that those things will take a back seat, and so it's good to focus a little on them if needed (or desired).
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