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On 9/2/2021 at 4:09 PM, thisislife15 said:

Hi everyone just wondering for those who have tried to apply at U of Alberta, for the prerequisites is it okay to take a course that is ongoing especially a spring course? My situation is that I am planning to apply for Fall 2022 intake in which the deadline for the application will probably be in January 2022, I need one prerequisite that is offered in the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, I think I want to take it in Spring 2022, how would this affect my prerequisites when the application and acceptance begins, since this class might finish in June 2022. Thank you!


From my understanding it’s definitely preferred to have all prereqs completed by the application deadline but as long as the class grade is in for Aug 2022 you should be fine!

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I'm currently in my third year of undergrad in psychology and have started to give some thought to what I might want to do later on. I came across SLP and have been spending some time to research about the job and aspects of it. I have started to look at the graduate program requirements and am thinking about whether is can be am option for me.

I have completed most of the pre-requisite courses (only missing 1 or 2 depending on the graduate program) but I've never volunteered in a clinical setting. I am able to finish taking the required courses I'm missing, but in terms of the volunteering, is it too late to get started? Currently I've been working in a child development psychology research lab for a bit over a year as a research assistant and recruitment coordinator, however it's with a psychologist and I have absolutely no experience working or shadowing a SLP. I really want to know what others think about whether it's too late to get volunteering done since I'm already in my third year and will be graduating next school year. If not, where in Ontario can you volunteer??

Thank you!

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