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  1. I'm still finishing up coursework and writing a thesis, so that--as well as work--has been filling my mind. I was planning on continuing to work, or find an internship in my field, but I would really prefer to spend a summer sans struggle for the first time in three years.
  2. Just throwing this out there: "white" is a race too. And the South (or any geographical area in the US, period) is not solely defined--or shaped--by a black/white racial binary.
  3. Based on previous years, sometime in early May.
  4. The other question to ask is what do you want to do with a History MA? It's an awkward degree to have these days, IMO, because of the number of Ph.D holders now applying for the same jobs as MA holders--even in the "alt-ac" field (my museum director [BA+15 yrs of experience] told me flat out that she's been overlooked for positions because boards of directors are attracted by the prestige of a Ph.D). Also, my undergrad experience was scattered as well, and I tried to do everything in which I was interested. Then I got dinged hard by a top program I wanted to attend because they said appeared unfocused. I didn't listen then, lol, but my adviser tried to drum it into my head that you are allowed to teach or research or publish outside of your home field. She has no background in film studies, but once taught a course on US cinema history when the chair added it to the semester schedule at the last minute. If a graduate degree is something you want to, apply and see what happens. And based on nhhistorynut's experiences, you might find a new research question you never expected to find fascinating.
  5. Maybe a little? Davis is a suburban hipster-ish town. And Sacramento has a bit of an inferiority complex with SF, so the upwardly mobile, hipster crowd can be a trifle foodie. And a warning--never make fun of the Kings!!!
  6. I think you're going about this in an overly complicated manner--and it's possible that you're not connecting with others in your cohort because they don't feel your attempt to make friends is genuine (the "building a social network" is telling). Your cohort is not the only place to connect. Do you belong to organizations in your field? Attend conferences? Converse on listservs or FB groups? Interact on Twitter? What about advanced grad students working in your field(s)? And connecting with your adviser, who knows more about networking in your field than new students? Also, have you thought about having someone critique your body language? You may be coming across as too intense and invasive, hence why all of the students exclude you from their gatherings (especially since they are women and you are a man--sometimes, men don't realize they may come across as [vaguely] threatening to women they don't know).
  7. Perhaps you can reach out to the authors of these articles? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kara-romick/surviving-the-insanity-of-grad-school-as-a-single-mom_b_9482182.html http://www.rackham.umich.edu/blog/day-life-grad-student-mom http://www.gradhacker.org/2011/06/01/grad-school-and-parenting-if-i-knew-then-what-i-know-now…/ http://www.rantsfrommommyland.com/2013/08/domestic-enemies-of-grad-school-mom.html https://www.reddit.com/r/GradSchool/comments/4t888v/a_graduate_student_single_mother/ http://blogs.ams.org/mathmentoringnetwork/2015/03/30/the-intersection-of-motherhood-and-graduate-school-the-good-the-bad-and-the-cute-babies/
  8. LOL! I see that you live in Chicago. Cities that are known for their cuisine (particularly cities with a history of immigration and ethnic enclaves) are very food-centric. It's also a way of sizing you up and, sometimes, ranking your "worth" (you want ketchup on your Chicago style hot dog? quelle horreur!!)
  9. You won't hear anything if you don't get off the alternates list. Wait for when the awardees & honorable mentions are announced!
  10. I live in the IE--look now. SoCal is a landlord's market. Affordable, nice, and safe housing can be a pill to find.
  11. Twitter. Ann M. Little is a good starting point: https://twitter.com/historiann
  12. Honestly--the prestige. I work in the humanities and the big jobs (director, curator of X, etc) will hire a PhD over everyone else, and as a WOC it will help me push past biases.
  13. Northwestern!
  14. Why don't you stop by his office? Or contact the department's administrative assistant?