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  1. @veryexcited So I heard from an incoming grad student that he received an email from housing saying that he was rejected from the housing pool. (?) He said that I shouldn't worry because I haven't heard back yet. (?) Also, an important thing to mention is that I called housing almost two weeks ago and they said that [1] they were getting returning students and June movers situated first before moving onto the August movers and [2] that I didn't screw myself over by signing up for the later move-in date. I would highly suggest calling because it helped ease my soul a bit. And please share if you do call!
  2. @OldMan77 Haha! Those posts are funny. Congrats on your acceptances! and money!
  3. I wouldn't worry about your GPA too much. The grad school admissions process is a lot more holistic than undergrad- it's not as cut and dry. As someone with a GPA on the lower side, I will give you some aspects of my apps that I think outweighed my GPA. Last 60 credits of undergrad was better than overall GPA [show increase in academic performance despite your classes being more difficult] meaningful work experience [in public service is a plus- i believe] Statements of Purpose showed that I was more than my grades and that I would bring a differing set of experiences and perspective I did not mention my GPA in my actual SoP/ essays unless required (only 2 out of 3 MPP apps required this- and I got into all 3 soooo...) Great LoR- I know the people who wrote my letters pretty well and was able to discuss with them in detail what I wanted to study and where I was applying. GRE scores were above/average- showed that despite my less than average GPA I was still on the same level as the majority of the other applicants. I'll be honest and say that I was scared to pieces about my grades, but that fear really lit a fire under me and helped me produce fantastic applications that showed I was more than a few science and psych (and Korean lol) classes. Avoid the "Am I Competitive" type threads. Personally, these only made me even more anxious and distracted me from completing my applications in a timely manner. I'm going to Ford in the Fall. If you want to talk more (or need some words of encouragement), feel free to message me.
  4. Quick Update for Munger people: i messaged UMich Housing on FB, and they said that Munger would be replying either this week or the next. So more waiting! Yay!
  5. @jmillar Nope! I applied a little over a month ago. Their site says April; so, I won't go completely crazy until May 1st.
  6. Actually, UVA has a MPP/PhD program through their policy school and education school. This program is very selective (less than 5 accepted since inception).
  7. http://fordschool.umich.edu/careers-internships/graduate-students/jobs This is a link to the post-graduate outcomes for Ford. I would think that the schools that you listed have the same (or similar) information on their sites.
  8. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had applied to live in Munger or Northwood? Housing contracts are supposed to come out this week or next, and I'm anxiously waiting to see if I actually made it through. I know that Munger had a pretty lengthy waitlist last year.
  9. ^I received the same email. Also just received an email that I will be getting additional funding! I am so relieved right now.
  10. @aaresident Did they mention anything about a time when we should be hearing back about additional funding? Also, thank you for posting a recap!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Welp. I posted earlier (weeks and weeks ago), but I have accepted University of Michigan's offer. Will be doing their dual degree in Higher Education and Public Policy. Very excited to get up there and get back into the classroom!
  13. Got in! No funding, but I'm still super excited (and surprised).
  14. Hello! I am also waiting on news from the ELPA program (but Master's). I was told that my application will be decided during their March meeting.
  15. Great! Thank you! You guys are so right. I completely missed many many key expenses. The apartment is furnished and the rent includes everything (maybe not renter's insurance), and it is pretty safe as it houses mostly undergraduate/ graduate students and students attending the local community college. I don't know how I missed gas, laundry, and my books! I will go back to the drawing board.