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  1. How recently did you last e-mail either a contact or the financial aid office? I would recommend following up with the financial aid office to see if you can get a response that way.
  2. Not a local, so take with a grain of salt: Hyde Park is not exactly south of Midway - that said, I've heard and been told by Lyft drivers the same - use your head and listen to your gut about the areas you're in when you're that far south. Hyde Park is good, safe, and relatively inexpensive neighborhood to live. From my time in Hyde Park, it seems cars are pretty common - it isn't as "city" as the Loop. However, because Hyde Park is a ways off any L-stop, so consider taking the bus up to the city or to an L-stop. Also, you could consider utilizing the Metra. From talking to Lyft drivers and locals, if you don't have to drive (and moreover park) in the city, don't. Lincoln Park and Lake View are a simple ride up the Red Line. The ride, I would imagine, would be just as time consuming as driving and parking (if not less so) and more cost effective - as a student, you will be given (rather you'll have to pick it up) a U-Pass which you pay for in your student fees to travel the L "free" of charge - this would not be effective until Fall semester though, although you could request to purchase it for the summer term. Hope this helps and that others can confirm (or refute!).
  3. I wrote a sitcom pilot on this exact thesis. I think there is a generational divide between over that precise issue. So take solace in knowing it's a seemingly universal experience.
  4. It seems strange that they would request an interview and not have interest in your application. I don't believe they would look to set-up an interview if it was all just an elaborate ruse. If I were hiring for a job, I wouldn't call you in for an interview just to tell you we offered the position to someone else. If money/time is your issue, you may be able to request an interview via Skype or the like.
  5. Could not agree with this more. I read the first paragraph, realized there was no thesis providing your reader a "destination," moved onto the last paragraph and felt there had been no progress made in presenting an essay. Start with a thesis, as @exitiumax stated. The paragraphs that follow will respond directly in support of this thesis. I would possibly start from scratch and begin again, then return to seek guidance on the writing, grammar, etc. Also, your works cited is does not feel quite right. In the penultimate paragraph, you cite Trump.com without adding it to your works cited. In the paragraph before that, you cite (Clinton) without an accompanying work. As one last little bit, this isn't going out in the future is it? It's already quite dated as a response considering we are past the presidential election cycle by nearly six months. I wonder what this essay is responding to or informing us of as it is not readily clear from your writing outside of "illegal immigration is both an issue and it is important."
  6. Cue contrived: "You get out of it what you put into it." In that regard, I feel it depends on 1) your relationship with your education and 2) your field of study. If you love what you do, the work will be fun and rewarding intrinsically. If you have to search for the fun, maybe that's a clue into your long-term passion for your field or at least that particular area.
  7. You could follow up requesting that, while you know you can't be given a concrete date, could they offer a timeline in which to expect responses to begin and/or end. Be polite and respectful. Explain your inquiry is based on the info you gave us regarding summer pre-registration. Use this as an opportunity to also get more information on that end as well.
  8. Have you reached out to the University for an admissions update?
  9. You take this very seriously, but you've brought this dilemma to internet strangers that may or may not have your best interest at heart? Let alone that we may not have similar points of reference to adequately assist you in ways you would agree with. That said, if you think hard on subjects that are philosophy adjacent, of which you can approach through a philosophical lens, I'm sure you would be able to answer your own question.
  10. Success doesn't occur overnight. Use this time to grow. Do not wallow and barricade yourself off from the outside world. This will pay dividends during the next cycle when you have more life experience under your belt to better set yourself apart from the pack. Self-reflect, too. Find things that you feel were lacking on your applications and find a way to change and improve these elements. Find others to constructively critique elements of your application to bolster the overall strength of your application.
  11. If you would be happy with the university in which you have already been accepted AND you do not mind forfeiting the deposit, then commit to the first university. If UPenn comes along and also accepts you, and you feel it is a better choice, accept their offer and place your deposit, then you reach out to your first school to back-out and reject your acceptance. You do not need to let any school that has waitlisted you or has not confirmed your admission/acceptance unless you would like to be removed from the waitlist or would like to withdraw your application.
  12. I'm not going to be able to provide the most concrete response, so take this with a grain of salt: First, I would not imagine your accounting program would require in-depth networking as the types of positions this program would open up for you are posted all over job boards. If you're looking for more support-networking than career-networking, depending on how the professor sets the class up, most online courses will have discussion boards in which you would complete weekly coursework along with providing feedback on others students work. This would help you build a rapport with people in the class which you could develop further through e-mail, additional courses, etc.
  13. Have you followed up with the University? Some universities and programs have limits on when previous coursework expires. Also, they may be able to assist in putting you in touch with an adviser to find the best course of action to get you back on your way. Finally, most universities have IT Support which you could contact to reset your log-in info.
  14. I think your question requires more thorough explanation to receive an adequate response. You're a Business major, you want to pursue higher ed - will you pursue an MBA or a different major? Some schools have minimum GPA reqs (I would estimate most average around a 3.0 min) so first make that your goal over the coming semesters. I'm not familiar with Americorps so I cannot provide any further advice on this element. Hopefully, if you provide more info, others will be able to better suggest alternative options for you.
  15. Reach out to a contact in admissions to follow-up with receipt of application as well as a sense of the timeline in which your application will move forward.