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  1. There are chances but I would not consider them. You may get funding but it can take more than half year.
  2. Thank you for your reply! Well, I am planning to create detailed questionnaires, evaluation forms, which will be not limited by a possible number of answer or participants. Also, it will be great to have this questionnaire in different languages. I assume there should be a plugin to it and of course available in Android and iOS formats. Well, getting results in the form of diagrams and graphics will be brilliant.
  3. Hey! I was planning to fill your survey but it is no longer available. Btw, may someone suggest survey tool, please? I heard here is surveymonkey, doodle etc. Which one is better and why? Thank you!
  4. I think it can be costly to withdraw money. You will pay an additional commission every time when you withdraw. What about opening a debit account in Germany and simply transfer money to a German account... or even better opening PayPal easy to transfer and paying for many things.
  5. Hmmm, during the last few months I was trying to focus on the tweeting, did not really work out. I think the tweets are too short to judge info or let's say think about info in these tweets. Of course, not always in many occasions. Am I alone having such opinion or no? About blogging... personally, I think it is a good thing. Information is written in one style, so it is easy to read. I like some professional blogs, getting new info and already being adapted to the style of blog. I think blogging can be especially important for someone planning to study/work in the marketing field. it seems like it is easy to write a blog but it really depends. If it is a professional blog, many things should be considered. What do you think?
  6. I think it depends on people.Some people prefer old school look and for them, the tattoo is something extra ordinary. I think there is no point to stress out about tattoos. The main point that you like them and feel confident having them.
  7. Was changing the structure of my CV, and saw this thread. Thanks for links, really useful!
  8. Doing PhD is not fair... I would not wait for funding. So there two options: to look for the other PhD programmes with finding or taking mortgage (or something similar to it)
  9. Agree with MHarry! First, it should be clear what do you plan to do. Second, think about the countries and research. In some countries, you may need PhD more in some less. Look at the salaries there, competition within the market and also think about the network. Maybe there is someone who can suggest better how it goes in the particular industry and country. Sometimes, the network plays an important role. The last, you have to clarify in which direction you should go. Base your decision not only on your dreams. Try to be realistic. Think about the working place where you can show your skills on 100%.
  10. Was in the similar situation. Well, from my experience there are two reasons why this interview goes on. First, it is country. Second, the size of the group. I have applied to several universities in Italy and had the interview in 3 out of 5. At the same time, all good universities in Germany did not ask for the interview but I filled so many papers and documents to apply there... I would choose the interview instead of all of that paperwork... The second reason, the number of students in the group. The smaller the group is planned, the greater chance of the interview.
  11. I spent between the $850-$1000
  12. Hmm, i think this can be useful for you
  13. Hey! Where do you plan to publish it? Like your site or blog? As they I understood you have already followers who are reading your posts. Am I right? Well, if we speak about hiring I think first what is necessary to do is personal branding.
  14. Hi! Well, not the easiest decision. First, check where you will have a chance to work after graduation, also look at the internships which are more popular and relevant to your course. I had a friend of a friend who studied psychology in UCL. I do not remember the exact course title of her studies but the reason why she decided to go to UCL was that UCL is the best uni for psychology and all related courses to it. I did not do personal research but that what I heard.