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  1. I understand the various factors which will affect the end amount. I wanted to look at examples of how people are managing with their expenses on a stipend. It's a bit better here in the Netherlands though. Rent includes everything (electricity, internet, heating) and driving is not that preferred anyway (bicycle tracks everywhere). Conferences are paid for by the university. Looks like continuing with a PhD here would be much easier for me!
  2. I am in my second year of Masters and I am contemplating about applying for a PhD program next year. I am not sure about how much stipend I could get since it would vary in each university. But I want to calculate how much I would be able to save (to pay off my study loan). Again, I know it would depend on the number of months I am getting the stipend for and the living expenses according to the location of the university. I am currently in TU Delft and I know what my expenses are and the (possible) stipend I could get as a PhD candidate. I want a general estimate according to the experi
  3. Auro

    job vs PhD after MSc

    Thank you MHarry and Camilla00 for your comments. I intend to build a career in research primarily as I want to shape the future. But since this is the first major loan I am taking I am a bit apprehensive of the future. But I have been reassured by many people to trust the future. I will dive and then look where to go.
  4. Auro

    job vs PhD after MSc

    After a long wait and lots of mails I got an admit at TU Delft (MSc Electrical - Microelectronics) without any scholarships. Since this is the only admit I have(till now and I feel the only one I will have), I am in a fix. It will cost me a fortune to study there, albeit lesser than what I was expecting at US. But as per my calculations it will take me atleast 3 years to repay the loans IF I get a (good) job after graduation. My original plan was to go for PhD right after the MSc. But PhD pays even lesser than a job. I am in a fix now. If I look for job to repay the loan my PhD (and chan
  5. So far I have 4/8 rejections and no word from 3/8. TUM is currently processing my application but I have low hopes as they don't recognise the college from where I received my bachelors degree. Anyone else waiting for responses from UToronto, UMich Ann Arbor and NTU? My applications are Electrical/Electrical and Computer Engineering (VLSI/Microelectronics).
  6. Same here. I have applied to the ECE PhD program. Haven't got any response yet and no one is responding to my mails either.
  7. Got 4 decisions so far; all rejects NUS (MS ECE), GATech (PhD, ECE), UW (MS ECE) and TU Delft (MS ECE) This sucks
  8. I had applied last year in Oct for the MEng program and had also sent all the documents well before deadline. Still no news. On their portal it says that application fees receipt and physical application forms were not received. This was one university I was hopeful to get admit from. Anyone else get any admits / rejects from NUS?
  9. Hi All, If you are an Indian you would know the struggle to convert your university gpa (or cgpa as it's popularly known) to a 4-base gpa. According to some formulae I converted it to 2.6 (mine is 7.93 on 10-base) and on another I found it was 4.0! My university is IIIT Bhubaneswar, a very young university (we were the second batch to pass out). So I am not sure how my gpa would be evaluated as even other private universities in our neighbourhood reward nothing less than 9.0 to almost 90% of the undergrads.
  10. Hi All, I had taken GRE test in 2013 december. My score was 158 V + 163 Q = 321 For some reason I was unable to apply to good universities back then. I am planning to apply for next session (Fall, 2017) in Europe/Singapore(TU Delft, KU Leuven, Kaiserslautern, ETH, TU Munich Singapore, NUS, NTU) and US/Canada (OSU, UTA, ASU, U Toronto). I would be applying Electrical/Electronics with microelectronics/nanoelectronics specialisation. I have to re-take TOEFL as last score (106) was from 3 years ago. But I am thinking whether I need to re-take GRE or I can apply with the old score.
  11. Hi All, I am working as an engineer in India. I want to study neuroscience and electronics (or more specifically about Brain-Computer Interfaces using neural implants). I have checked out some programs in universities and found this topic under neural engineering. However, I need some guidance in choosing specific programs/universities which would be suitable considering my profile. My Profile - CGPA (undergrad) - 7.93/10 (IIIT-Bhubaneswar, India) GRE - 321 (2013) TOEFL - 106 (2013) Planning on attempting again this year for fresh scores Additional Course
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