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  1. FYI, applications for University of Regina are still open, and they apparently still have 2 open spots in the clinical program!!
  2. I'm starting my PhD in the fall, and I have ulcerative colitis. I flared really bad throughout the start of my Master's, and it really is scary and overwhelming.
  3. I wouldn't be able to do it if I did a bucket list for the province, but I'm doing one, mostly food based, for the city I live in, and for the surrounding area.
  4. Thank you! I got my rejection from UBCO this past Wednesday. I had applied for the MA and did not interview (one of the few programs I heard back from where I did not interview).
  5. If anyone is attending UNB clinical in the fall, please let me know via PM. I'm planning on making a Facebook group for us!
  6. I've heard absolutely nothing from them.
  7. I was accepted to UNB's clinical program a month ago! Still waiting to hear from Ryerson, Saskatchewan, and UBC Okanagan.
  8. Since York is a CPA-accredited program, accepted applicants should have until April 15 to accept (according to their rules).
  9. I'm curious to know what school this is too.
  10. GPA isn't everything when it comes to clinical admissions. If you have high GRE's along with a high GPA and strong research experience, then you'll be a good candidate. I was a bit over the minimum for UNB and I was still accepted, but I also had high GRE scores and a few pubs.
  11. Carleton and UOttawa both don't require the GRE (even though Carleton is an English program/university).
  12. I would definitely start no earlier than September.
  13. I think the same poster also made a post about North Texas a few days ago as well.
  14. It was similar with me. I never heard back after my preliminary Skype interview with my POI.
  15. The counseling program is still CPA accredited (one of the few in Canada that is actually), so they really should be abiding by the April 15 standard. Definitely mention the funding aspect, and also ask about the CPA-mandated April 15 deadline (http://www.cpa.ca/accreditation/resources/). I feel it's valid to want to know about the funding beforehand.