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  1. All programs have their problems. However, I have tended to see some activist-oriented work come out of American University, CUNY (see specifically Bianca Williams), and UT Austin (see Christen Smith). Also, depending on what you are doing, maybe Duke. I haven't been to those places, so I can't say if those departments treat (and pay!) those students well and as if their ideas and practices are of (equal) import. I just know the kind of work that comes out of there. And I always say: I'm at Rice. I love it. I would recommend looking at the dept at least. We have had Brazilianists here an
  2. Hi, I'm at Rice. Based on the kinda vague description I think Rice might make sense since I had a project that fits with those bounds when I entered. Feel free to DM. I could point you to some other programs if you want to give more details.
  3. I see what you're saying. And I am also guilty of saying "only go if it's funded." Here's why: chances of getting a job in the field that pays even decently after graduation are slim to none. The point is not that going to a funded program is going to a better one. The point is that an anthropology degree is genuinely not worth paying tuition AND not earning any salary at all for 5-8 years.
  4. If you're looking for more data points, you can also go to http://www.phdstipends.com/
  5. @clarkdean I heard from MIT HASTS this morning. I was waitlisted. The email said they made decisions, though, so you should know soon!
  6. I say Monday because you probably won't get a response on a Friday afternoon and you won't ruin your weekend! Plus I see a lot of places on the results that send out interview invites over the span of 3 days to a week. So it really shouldn't be worrying until you don't hear all weekend.
  7. I am not sure if Hopkins is my best fit, but I definitely thought it was a fit. Holding out hope, though. And y'all should too. I'll save my tears for Monday.
  8. I'm applying to Johns Hopkins! From past years, it looks like we should probably not expect to hear anything until about mid-February, so I'm just sitting on my hands.
  9. I don't know, but I am applying there too and almost had a heart attack when I saw the results today. But it looks like the poster meant Penn State. I wouldn't be too worried as of this moment. Hope that helps.
  10. Got an email for an interview- MIT! I'm floored and SO excited!!
  11. I typed a whole thing and the page timed out ? So shortened: I have a related but not matching research interest. Here are some folks you may want to take a look at that study the anthropology of specifically medical humanitarianism: Catherine Panter-Brick Peter Redfield Joao Biehl (less about humanitarianism and more about global health, but I believe he has a background in religion) Byron Good (recent work on medical Humanitarianism and has done a ton of work on E. Asia) Nicole Berry (again, not humanitarianism but her work on medical missions may be of interest
  12. Great points! I think I'll check academic calendars before reaching out. I wanted to reach out now because I'll also be traveling this summer and wanted to leave some availability in case anyone from schools in the area wanted to meet in person.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if it's too early to start reaching out to grad students at programs I want to apply to. I want to know mainly how they like the program, how they feel about the structure, whether they feel supported... just a bunch of insider knowledge that I (being in an MPH program) know are important to me in a grad program. I'm not necessarily trying to have an "in" to the program, but I just want to know if there are schools I need to cross off the list.
  14. Totally get what you're saying. I was talking about disclosure in the application process only.
  15. Thanks for your reply @knp! I tend to get weird when trying to explain things so i think you captured more of what I was trying to say than what I wrote-- thanks for that. I definitely will take your advice and neither disclose my condition nor explain my B's. It's probably not a big deal and I would be making something out of nothing. I think I will look into treatment for now, since I still have a year of my MPH to go. I think that will help me determine if I also need to look into disability services. If the treatment works, I may not even have to-- no use in even potentially damaging
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