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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Masters@GeorgiaTech in Love, Academia and Success   
    I can't control the future, and I can't control others. I just have to accept that it may never come for me. It's hard, but I don't believe that "everyone finds their better half". Some people don't. And I may be one of them. And I have to accept that, even if it doesn't correspond the plan I had in my head for my family and love life. 
    I don't even want to date anymore. All I get told is "you're the most extraordinary person I have ever met, but I don't want to be in a relationship with you". I can't stand being told this anymore, it just makes me angry and bitter. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to mango1180 in Trudeau 2020   
    Thanks everyone! I'll try to remember to report back so everyone knows what to expect for next year
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to WellThen in Trudeau 2020   
    Good luck on your interview! 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to asdf1123 in Trudeau 2020   
    Congratulations! And best of luck for the interviews
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Dryad in Trudeau 2020   
    Mmhmms see you next year, haha.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to feralgrad in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    For the second year in a row, I find myself waiting on funding info. I'm terrified that after getting close to achieving my dream, I'll be passed up again...
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Dryad in Trudeau 2020   
    No notice. I think it's safe to assume that they've finished making their selections.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Taritai in Comprehensive Exam- question   
    I think I will use N'Vivo for my comprehensive exam. I really hope it is a good strategy.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Dryad in Trudeau 2020   
    Yeah, I'm sure all of the successful applicants believe that their work is impactful too. If you look at last year's cohort, it certainly seems like they're making progressive changes in their selection criteria. They must have a killer pool of applicants.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to WellThen in Trudeau 2020   
    My mention of prestigious universities was meant in terms of the caliber of applicants that they are getting and not the foundation selection process per se. I know that not everyone has the circumstances to even think about a Yale or Oxford, but we don't know who the other applicants are or what they've accomplished. Ultimately, we are all doing impactful work in our communities or why else would we be applying. It sucks for us, but these decisions are truly a crap shoot because this is all good and important work. There are just so many applicants and so few spots. I don't like finding out in online forums rather than by them, so they could definitely improve that still. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to WellThen in Trudeau 2020   
    I've read on other threads that invites went out several days before people received the declined emails, at least in previous years. I also have not heard anything, so... I think it's a wrap. I can't really see anyone applying and then declining the interview. As we all know, failure and rejection is a HUGE part of academia. Also, more so than other scholarships, this one is a crap shoot. I had a stellar leadership reference (from a 6 term City Councillor in my city and on the Board of my university), several recent publications, and a 10 year career in non-profit leadership. Still, nada. They probably selected 40 applicants or 60 maximum as finalists in all four themes and the competition is global with previous winners having been from Yale, Oxford, Harvard, etc. The person who did get an interview said it was their third time applying, so onto next year! 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from sunflower_phd in Trudeau 2020   
    Some info here:
    I saw someone on social media (one of my Facebook friends) asking on behalf of someone information regarding the scholarship today. I am assuming because that person got an interview invite, even if the Facebook post did not say so explicitely. Also, the other person in my department who got nominated by my university also did not get any news. 
    I am under the impression that they are sending out the invites one by one...which is strange.
    My application is still under review on the Portal. 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from lkaitlyn in I failed my thesis.   
    I am in my second semester of my PhD.  
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from lkaitlyn in I failed my thesis.   
    I got my diploma! It's official now and no one can take it back from me lol
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to mango1180 in Trudeau 2020   
    In case anyone is waiting to hear back, I found out today that I have an interview (third year in a row applying..!). Anyone have any insight/ can link to a thread where people have described the interview process before? I have no idea what to expect. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all as well!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to avidnote in I failed my thesis.   
    Cool, I am sure you will be done in no time . The first two years of my PhD were my favorite.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from avidnote in I failed my thesis.   
    I am in my second semester of my PhD.  
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Dryad in Trudeau 2020   
    Nothing from my institution yet. 
    I've got a conference presentation out of the country, so I really hope they'll let us know before that so I can change my flights. I will have to fly straight there after my presentation and hope I've packed enough clothes in my tiny carry-on, haha. 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from avidnote in I failed my thesis.   
    I got my diploma! It's official now and no one can take it back from me lol
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to moral luck in The Positivity Thread   
    I got accepted to a doctoral program at an extremely prestigious business school!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Cheshire_Cat in The Positivity Thread   
    I got an offer to be a tenure track faculty from a good institution. I am in a very rare field where this is still possible right out of grad school, and even with us, probably half of everyone graduating will have to take visitings this year because the market is rough. I am going to the school of my dreams, and I can't chalk it up to anything other than being incredibly blessed.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to AP in Comprehensive Exam- question   
    If I remember correctly you are in the social science, right? So by publications you mean mostly articles? 
    A good resource for note-taking can be found in http://www.raulpacheco.org/resources/note-taking-techniques/ I haven't used much of his techniques (though I borrowed ideas) because in history we read mostly monographs. However, based on his Twitter interactions, students and faculty have found these techniques useful. 
    Do remember, however, that what works for someone may not work for you so, ultimately, the figuring out part rests on your learning style, your needs, and comps goals. 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Phoenix88 in Love, Academia and Success   
    This is a bit of a personal/off-topic thread.
    I've often been told that as a woman of color in graduate school, it will be harder for me to find a partner. Because the things that I represent don't fit the image that most people have of black women. And yes, I have to admit that I have been single my entire life. I am about to turn 25 in a month and I haven't been successful in my romantic life in the same way that I  am perceived to be in my professional/academic life. I have never been in a committed relationship with anyone. But I am still young, so I try to remain hopeful but as I see all of my friends getting married, engaged or having children, I would be lying if I said that I am starting to lose hope. Even if I am truly passionate about my career and the projects I am involved in, I don't want my life to be only that.
    A friend of mine was telling me the other day that all the work that I do, the activism that I am involved in outside of the classroom and the media attention that I get might make it difficult for a man to approach me because I don't "fit" in. The thing is that I don't want to change the things that I am involved in because they make me happy and keep me grounded and sane. But I get these kinds of reflections from friends and adults since my teenage years. It's starting to hurt to get this feeling that I have to choose between being myself and finding a partner. I just want someone who accepts me as I am and with whom I can have interesting conversations with but it seems to be too much to ask.
    Do you think that finding love is harder for people pursuing graduate studies or with graduate diplomas, especially if they are part of a minority group? Do you think the whole idea of a woman being successful makes it harder to her to find a partner?
    I am happy in my life and I have never been happier but yes, sometimes, I do feel some kind of void in the sense that I fear to fail my personal life. I am able to manage that fear by trying to focus on the things that I already have in my life, and yes, I do have a lot already and I recognize that with great humility. And I try to cherish that because nothing can be taken for granted. I'm in a good place in my life and it has not always been the case. However, I'm afraid of turning into the kind of unattached woman who just works and has her career for sole purpose in her life. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to asdf1123 in Trudeau 2020   
    Congrats! I think I've seen someone describing having a quite intense individual interview and a somewhat awkward group interview in a thread from past years. There are several threads about this scholarship here.  
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to AnachronisticPoet in The Positivity Thread   
    One of THE most prominent people in my field and faculty member of one of the programs to which I applied followed me on Twitter!
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