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    Adelaide9216 reacted to ashwel11 in Fall 2022 - African American Studies PhD   
    Hey! Those are great programs. I'm a bit nervous as well, I can't lie. But yes - good luck to you as well  
    I'm specializing in the intersections of race, gender, and class in regards to mental health - specifically looking at Black American women. So I'm applying to a few Interdisciplinary programs for that. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to aa4444 in Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship 2021-22   
    I received a phone call on Thursday notifying me that I was selected as a finalist. Finalist most likely were contacted by now since I had to upload some additional documentation by today. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Fazi in Trudeau 2022   
    Hi, I submitted for the first time.. Good luck for all the guys here!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Miss Brightside in Writing alone? Share your goals RIGHT HERE, any time! Like now!   
    Presenting at a zoom conference tomorrow, have only written half of my presentation, am too bored and too burned out, and probably will pull an all-nighter but haven't freaked out just yet. I have no idea why I am this calm. Just wanted to share this.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to EJM in I submitted my comprehensive exam! Fingers crossed now   
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to MuchSynergyWowSoIntersec in Trudeau 2022   
    I am hesitant to be overly pessimistic here, but this seems to be a larger trend in academia. While our personal experiences, perspectives and challenges should of course frame the context of our applications for these sorts of things, it's a real bummer that many of these contests have been essentially reduced only to these factors.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to lkaitlyn in Feminist/Women's/Gender Studies PhD 2021 Cycle   
    NWSA newsletter (including any specific sections that interest you) and the ASA Sexualities and Gender & Sexuality newsletters! You can also check the sites for various gender studies journals to see if they have any special issues coming up, but that's more time consuming to do on a regular basis.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from EJM in I submitted my comprehensive exam! Fingers crossed now   
    Oops, forgot to give some updates. I passed it as well hehe!
    I also submitted my doctoral thesis project to my committee today ! 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to GradSchoolGrad in What did you give up?   
    I gave up thinking people were good. 

    I went to a grad program, giving up fine career, seeking to switch careers make a difference in the world. I quickly realized that my peers and people in the social impact business by in large didn't really care about the social impact they were actually making. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Fazi in Trudeau 2022   
    So, wish you go to this SCARY phase this year and pass it very well!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to BTF in Trudeau 2022   
    I'll be applying for the first time.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from EJM in I submitted my comprehensive exam! Fingers crossed now   
    I passed the written portion. I have the presentation left 😉 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from EJM in I submitted my comprehensive exam! Fingers crossed now   
    Hello, I submitted my comprehensive exam (written portion) this week. I am both nervous and relieved. Let's hope I pass and will be allowed to go to oral defense! 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Narwhallaby in Grad. School Supplies?   
    If you're a POC grad student, I highly recommend buying this book: The Black Academic Guide to Winning Tenure Without Losing your Soul.
    It's mostly for black academics, but a lot of it can be applicable to other POC. 
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Miss Brightside in Maybe I am not meant for this.   
    Hello, I have decided to do an article-based thesis. It's going to help me to get published.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to theprincessleia in Comprehensive Exams - Oral Defense   
    I just took my general comprehensive exam a few weeks ago and my oral defense is coming up in a week.  The written portion of the exam was pretty tough and I am more confident about the first question compared to the second. I'm really nervous about the oral defense and I'm planning on writing out what I would've changed if I could go back, but I'm not sure if that's enough. It'd be great if I could have the writing center take a look to see if my argument answered the questions/overall clarity but I'm not sure that it's allowed. Does anyone have any other tips to prepare?
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Sigaba in Comprehensive Exams - Oral Defense   
    I would recommend that instead of writing out what you would have changed, you make a list of five to nine bullet points. I would tilt the balance towards what you would add rather than what you would change. During the exam itself, I would focus on the former and leave the latter category in reserve in case your examiners take the conversation in that direction.
    Also, I would go into the exam with printed out copies of your written replies. I suggest that if you mark up one copy, you either have a second set of copies that are clean or that you write your comments on the back of the previous page. (The purpose of having clean text is in case an examiner wants to talk about a specific page -- it will be easier to find that page if it has no marking on it.)
    I recommend that, if possible, you focus on developing a back up plan for your technology (if the oral exam is to be conducted remotely). I also suggest that you figure out how your body will respond as the exam progresses. Do you want to run the AC before the exam so you can stay cool during the discussion? Do you want to wear layered clothing that you can shed if you start to get nervous? Do you want to adjust your eating and sleep schedule so that you don't have that "I shouldn't have had that third espresso moment?"
    Please keep in mind that in the moment, comprehensive exams are extraordinarily stressful. As I've said a few times, for me, quals were more stressful than having a loaded hand gun pointed at my face. But if one stops and thinks about it, the exams are not life threatening. No one is going to shoot you in the face. Just focus on doing the best you can so that you can pass.

    (A tip. If you find that, during the course of the exam, the discussion becomes increasingly intense, it may be a sign that you're actually doing well and the members of the committee want to see how high you can jump intellectually.)
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Suraj_S in Maybe I am not meant for this.   
    Hello, I have decided to do an article-based thesis. It's going to help me to get published.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from JimmyR in Grad. School Supplies?   
    This is going to sound silly, but I've always loved just "chilling" in school supplies stores (i.e. Staples). It reminds me of the time when I was a kid and my mom brought my sisters and I to buy our school supplies before the academic year would start. I've always loved back-to-school season because of that reason. I really enjoy being in an academic/learning institution in general so I guess it reminds me of that as well.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to kathinated in Black in Grad School (Advice, Climate, Support, etc)   
    I just wanted to start a form for black applicants and grad students which advice on different programs, where we are going, and climate!
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from YuccaQ in I failed my thesis.   
    Just learned the news today. I am still in shock. I did not expect to fail, even if I knew my thesis was not perfect. I was expecting a pass with revisions. Even my supervisor was not worried for me (she told me so yesterday). I just need emotional support right now. I need not to let my emotions get to me. I have won a major scholarship for my doctoral studies starting in September, so I need to resubmit by August. Otherwise, I am screwed. If I fail a second time, I won't graduate which means that my admission and scholarship offers will be revoked from me. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to eliisebrownn in Trudeau 2021   
    Congrats everyone, and for those who didn't move on, we will try again next year!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to eliisebrownn in Trudeau 2021   
    I have a conspiracy that this scholarship is designed to torture already mentally unstable grad students. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to bluesnow in Trudeau 2021   
    Yeah, they literally tweeted about a book 10 mins ago... so someone's operating there lol
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from BRCR61 in Trudeau 2021   
    please do it
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