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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from sgaw10 in The Positivity Thread   
    There is nothing more satisfying than succeeding where people thought you'd fail. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Clinpsyc01 in SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019   
    I heard the same thing. The application packages were probably delayed in getting to Ottawa.
    If only SSHRC would switch to online applications/notification like CIHR and NSERC have been doing for years...
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Psygeek in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    I refuse to give in to that lifestyle. As a psychologist, we also know that you become most creative when you give your mind regular 'breaks' (think 'that idea in the shower moment'', but more frequently) and burn out is a thing. So no - I don't recognize that lifestyle and there's plenty of indicators showing that it will most likely end up being very counterproductive at some point.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Psygeek in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    Yes - I think occasionally (like last 2 weeks of semester) is OK. But in the long run, working all the time is highly unsustainable in the long run and most likely counterproductive. 
    Plus effort does not equate productivity in academia since ideas aren't necessarily equated by time spend on X
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Cheshire_Cat in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    I totally agree. And research has shown that work deteriorates after 40 hours.  My apartment being clean and taking the time to prepare good food does wonders for my mental health and productivity. Occasionally there is a rush, the first two weeks and the last two weeks of a semester are usually hell, but for the most part I try to keep a good, sustainable lifestyle. I think we in academia seem to think that if our lives aren't insane then we aren't working hard enough, and we have to prove we are actually doing something since we don't go to a 9-5 job, but this ends in burnout.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to displaynamesarehard in SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019   
    OGS and SSHRC are totally different competitions, but if you made it out of the University for SSHRC (and Vanier and/or Trudeau for some of you) I think you're chance of being ranked high enough to get OGS in your department is pretty good. It's easy to feel discouraged but try to keep some perspective and a little bit of optimism that you'll probably at least get OGS and you are definitely in the running for SSHRC. What I tell myself (whether it's actually right or wrong I don't know) is that I have a very good chance of getting OGS and a decent chance of getting SSHRC, but also that there are many other people applying for these things that are good at what they do so I might not and it doesn't mean I'm terrible (but the boost in income would have also be very nice).
    The competitions by nature judge us against each other but we should try not to because we all have different paths. I saw on reddit that one person said that the university they work at actually didn't hire anybody who had a SSHRC (doctoral or Phd) in the last couple cycles of hiring even though people with the awards applied. They said that the people who didn't get it actually outperformed the people who did (of the people applying to the job). So at the end of the day whether you get it or don't let's all just keep working hard towards those long term end goals (whatever they are). It's definitely an awesome achievement and endorsement of your abilities, but it's not the be all end all. 
    Having said that. I also have to remind myself to try not to think about it too much since hopefully next week (fingers crossed, but definitely the week after if the last few years is anything to go off of) we will get the results and whatever they are it will be a weight off all of our shoulders. (Until next fall at least for those of us who re-apply...)
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from rheya19 in First time presenting a conference paper   
    I did it. It went okay (I believe), I had only a little data to show them, not much... 
    At the panel, I got zero questions at the end of my presentation
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to sgaw10 in The Positivity Thread   
    I just won an Apple watch for giving $5 toward my class gift
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from IceCream & MatSci in The Positivity Thread   
    I'm a Vanier scholar!!!! 😮
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to AlmostThere! in Fall 2019 Phd Social Work /Welfare   
    Long time lurker here, but I'll be going to the University of Denver as well! Super excited, and hope to connect with other incoming folks to that program. If anyone has tips on living in Denver, I'm all ears - it's going to be a big transition for my partner, dog, and I. I'll be studying youth identity development/feelings of belonging, place-based resiliency factors amidst personal/community/intergenerational trauma, and the integration of arts-based and participatory methods in social science research. Also happy to connect with others doing any similar work given that we'll likely be running into one another at conferences, etc, for years to come.
    (also can't wait to meet in person @MCC778 😊)
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from IceCream & MatSci in Grad. School Supplies?   
    This is going to sound silly, but I've always loved just "chilling" in school supplies stores (i.e. Staples). It reminds me of the time when I was a kid and my mom brought my sisters and I to buy our school supplies before the academic year would start. I've always loved back-to-school season because of that reason. I really enjoy being in an academic/learning institution in general so I guess it reminds me of that as well.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Psygeek in The Positivity Thread   
    I received a community award tonight at an event. Plus, my book review for a journal has been accepted.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from rheya19 in Feeling quite insecure tonight.   
    I did a public speaking workshop yesterday and it went really well, I made the crowd laugh a couple of times.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to PsyDGrad90 in Rules about addressing professors by their first name?   
    I would personally keep addressing them formally until they individually tell me to call them by their 1st name. 
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to briefinterviews in Fall 2019 Phd Social Work /Welfare   
    Don't be shy about getting in touch with faculty you are interested in working with and arranging informational interviews. Applying for a PhD is a different, more competitive ballgame than an MSW -- you're really applying to work with specific faculty whose interests align with your own and who have the capacity to mentor incoming students. During admissions, it's faculty who are choosing who they want to work with, so it's worth putting in the effort to make yourself known. It also helps you to better determine fit before you invest the time and resources into submitting an application.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to thelifeinpink in Fall 2019 Phd Social Work /Welfare   
    I just selected WashU / Brown School! Nervous to leave my comfy town but so excited!
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from Psygeek in The Positivity Thread   
    I received a community award tonight at an event. Plus, my book review for a journal has been accepted.
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from TBay in SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019   
    Take care ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from TBay in SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019   
    Take care ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to feralgrad in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    Maybe people say "it shouldn't matter," but it's normal to want these men (who I'm assuming are family members) to be happy with your choices. It's hurtful when people you love don't respect your decisions, especially when you're doing so much work. I hope they learn to appreciate your efforts some day.
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to kenzitronic in Trudeau 2019   
    Interesting - the individual interview is pretty much what you'd expect, about 30 minutes long with some questions about methodology, research impact, goals for the program, etc. The group interview was scholar candidates mixed with mentor candidates, collaboratively developing an activity in a kind of fishbowl setting while people from the foundation watched. A little awkward to say the least, very performative!!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to jchen25 in Balancing Research Assistantship and academic work   
    I'm going to enter my first year of graduate school at Penn State Fall 2019 and have just been offered a Research Assistantship that will begin then as well. It will be approximately 20 hours/week. I just wanted some perspectives or past experiences that people have had in regards to balancing school and work.
    Thank you!
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to Cutethulhu in SSHRC CGS Master's (funding for 2019-2020)   
    Got SSHRC at the school where I already accepted! I’m so excited!
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    Adelaide9216 got a reaction from inthewake in Vanier 2018-2019   
    I GOT VANIER!!! OMG!!! 😮
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    Adelaide9216 reacted to PrivateAle in First-Generation Grad Students Thread   
    Hey, I have not yet been accepted to grad school, but I will also be a first generation! My parents are immigrants from Macedonia, and moved to Canada. I took Social Work and Disability Studies at the University of Windsor. As a student with a disability, it was great to learn more advocacy skills for my group, and also how to be an ally for other marginalized groups. I did a lot of volunteer work during my undergrad (over twelve volunteer placements) and was able to juggle four part time jobs on top of my full time placement. My placement was at The Canadian Mental Health Association, which I loved with my whole heart.
    I have applied to Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York, and hope I can showcase my potential at this amazing establishment.

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