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  1. is there an app?

    well i personally think the app would be better for several reasons. but after i consider the administrative perspective, it wouldn't be that beneficial because the mobile site already does a lot of things. however as you asked me to elaborate some points, i'll just give a few examples(these might already be in the mobile site..) bookmark for browsing: when i want to search something in a particular forum, i have to go into the forum everytime i open the site. i thought it would be good if there was a bookmark function for forums, not only for posts. also, after i read a post such as "contents i follow"(activity-my activity streams-content i follow) i have to do this process again to look at something else like "content i started"(activity-my activity streams-content i started). i thougt it would be better if there was an open-close function on the blackboard(?) so i could have a preview-ish something. yes, i agree with you, the incentive part should be considered. as you said, if there is someone who is interested in making the app, it would be better
  2. is there an app?

    well, you must have used an app when there is a mobile site for another website. the app is more comfortable and convenient than the mobile site as you know.. some things are invented because you need it and some things are invented because its more convenient. wish i could make one but i'm afraid i can't
  3. is there an app?

    hello, is there an app for thegradcafe? if there isn't, i think it would be great to have one. it would be much better to share information. thanks
  4. HGSE 2018

    hi, I'm planning to apply for HGSE this year and your information really helped me a lot! hope we meet next year! thanks
  5. Stanford GSE

    hi guys, I'm planning to apply for 2018, did you have work experience who got into ICE? thanks
  6. HGSE Class of 2018

    still active right? I'm applying for IEP, not sure if they will accept applicants with only 1 year of work experience
  7. SAIS (IDEV) VS CIPA Cornell (MPA)

    hi, this was posted a year ago but i was wondering if you finally accepted sais. i'm interested in education development too how is sais? does it match your expectations?
  8. International Education Chances

    posted a long time ago but your advice really helped me. I'm interested in applying for these majors, thanks
  9. Education at Oxford and Cambridge

    posted long time ago but I'm interested in these majors, thanks for the advice.
  10. Hello, Is there anyone who knows about a master degree called Comparative and International Education at Oxford? I'm wondering what kind of interview questions there are. Not to mention the difficulty of the critical reflection... Moreover, I'm curious about the reputation and career after graduating. I'm getting info from the website but it would be good to know if there is some "live" experience sharers. Thanks
  11. Oxford applicants

    hi guys, I e-mailed the department of education and they said they're still open. I'm applying for CIE(Comparative and International Education). Can anyone who has applied/been accepted to the masters give me some tips about the critical reflection or interview? Thanks
  12. The Graduate Institute Geneva(IHEID) 2017-2018

    check the status guys the results are out, the mail didnt arrive but I checked it one more time before I go to sleep
  13. The Graduate Institute Geneva(IHEID) 2017-2018

    thanks for the info Akansha, as Vivere said, thanks for the posts and comments, all of you were a great help. I don't think I'll go to IHEID this year (going to apply for another major next year) but still, it was a nice experience
  14. The Graduate Institute Geneva(IHEID) 2017-2018

    checking the excel data and rechecking it and checking it again to not make mistakes I guess... not to mention the e-mailing and the programming procedures..
  15. The Graduate Institute Geneva(IHEID) 2017-2018

    hope this finishes sooner or.. more sooner