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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have actually been researching a TON of professors, visiting websites, reaching out, and reading their work. Thanks for this advice and I will continue doing it. As for the MA, I have also been emailing numerous programs (think: Syracuse, Marquette, George Mason, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke, etc.) that host an MA but they are all non-funded. The answer I would continuously get was 'we may have funding left over after we admit the PhD students' and that is just not an answer I am looking for. I understand that MA's are not usually funded - nor should they be - but
  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I have been thinking of enrolling in some political science/statistics courses at my local university, but the state school classes are pretty expensive (a whole paycheck per class, basically) which I simply cannot afford whilst paying off prior loans. I am hoping for a full MA scholarship in order to boost my references, gain some research experience, and write a solid thesis. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find your area of interest to research/propose? I am interested in racial demographics and how they correlate with education/QALY. But I have
  3. @ltr317 thanks again for your reply. I stopped getting notifications on my profile and didn't notice that this post kind of blew up. Thanks for your sharing your story, insight, and feedback. I really appreciate it. To reply to some of your observations - yes, I am thinking of applying to HKS. I understand it is an investment, it is different from political science, and it does not seem to check out. But from my research I have witnessed numerous people graduate from HKS and go on to prestigious political science, sociology, and public policy PhD programs. I have contacted some of these
  4. Thank you for your reply @ExponentialDecay This was the type of reply I am looking for. I am in no way, shape, or form prepared for applying to a PhD program - that is why I created this post. I am aware of my ignorance and lack of eligibility for the sheer consideration of acceptance. I understand my profile does not warrant my acceptance to any degree which is why I am looking for a route to supplement my position through a graduate degree or an RA position somewhere where I can gain analytical and research skills that could further augment my application. I have been researching programs th
  5. Program: MPP/MPA Schools Applying To: HKS MPP, DUKE Sanford MPP, Georgetown MPP, American SPA MPP, WWS MPA, Cornell MPA, LBJ MPA, (possible NorthWestern MPA and Hopkins but thats way too expensive in more expensive areas), and (unrelated kind of) LSE MSc Social Research Nationality Caucasian American Interests: I'm interested in social policy in relation to housing, healthcare, and criminal justice reform. Undergrad Institution: top 20 public university Undergraduate GPA: cumulative (transferred to state uni, had some credits at CC) 3.95/4.00; state uni GPA 3.902/4.
  6. Thanks for your reply @ltr317 and I can understand why my intentions may seem obscure. My ultimate goal/dream is to teach and do research at the university level. If this does not work out then my secondary goal is to work in administation (dean of so-and-so, provost, assistant to the president) if the first goal does not work out. I want to teach. I want to do research. And I want to do both of those things very well. If that does not work out, then I still want to work in higher education. I am interested in political science because I enjoy reading political science and have always be
  7. Thanks for your reply @Comparativist. I understand my intentions may seem hazy from this forum post but I assure you that I know what I am getting myself into. I want to live, breathe, and sh!t academia. I want to be dropped into the deep end and claw my way out under the weight of Aristotle, Marx, and many others as I learn languages, perform research, and hope to publish. Yes, I also understand it can be one of the most math-intensive fields of higher education as with any humanities or social science doctorate. This does not worry me at all. I have taken Calc 1 and 2, statistics, micro
  8. I graduated with a degree in healthcare management from a top 20 public university. I completely was too narrow-minded in finding a job and did not focus on what I really liked. I have a great GPA (3.9/4.0), some research experience in psychology, some volunteer experience with service trips, and a lot of professional experience in healthcare through internships. Eventually I would like to teach at a university or even just be a higher up administrative person. My old boss told me that in order to go through the ranks of higher ed administration you need a phd as most of his colleagues w
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