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  1. Can I please ask you what date they gave you to accept or decline their admission offer, I would then know when to expect a response from them. Maybe it will also help my anxiety! Thank you in advance!
  2. They told me I should hear back in a week and a half, but its been 2 weeks now and I haven't heard anything. If you do hear anything, please keep me posted? Fingers crossed for both of us
  3. I did stutter a lot too, but I would like to think that the interview went alright. Did you get an acceptance from them then? Well, I interviewed on the 4th of this month, and I believe that the skype interviews went on till the 13th. They said that they would get back in a week and a half (same as your case), but it's been 2 weeks now and I haven't heard anything. Thank you
  4. Hey! I had the interview and at first, I thought it went good, but due to my nervousness I did talk about Parks and Rec is in the same state as the university for a good 2 minutes and I'm now afraid that the interview went bad after all. Did you hear anything from them?
  5. Hey! I haven't heard anything from them either! If you do happen to know if they're done sending interview invites or will send few more anytime soon, please do let me know
  6. Congrats on getting the invite! I will keep this in mind, and review my CV and SOP! I applied to the integrative neurosciences training group!
  7. This is indeed helpful! I do have a bunch of questions, but I wasn't really sure as I didn't want to come across as arrogant, I guess I'll go for it then If you don't mind me asking, what training group did you interview for and did you speak to the POIs you mentioned? Also, was the entire panel from your training group or were they mixed?
  8. Don't lose hope! You still have 8 places to hear back from! Something would definitely work out! I applied to 16 places, out of which one rejected me, one sent me an interview invite and 14 universities have not responded to anything whatsoever. Accepted (0/16) - None Rejected (1/16) - Van Andel Graduate School Wait-listed (0/16) - None Interview (1/16) - Purdue University
  9. So I would be doing a 20 minute Skype interview for the PULSe program at Purdue University. As this is an interview with a panel and not with a specific POI, I am curious about the questions that may be asked and how exactly should I be prepared for it! Is it also just to confirm my verbal capabilities as an international student or should I panic more about it? Does anyone also know about the acceptance rate post-interview? Thank you in advance
  10. Wow! This is really concise and indeed helpful! Thank you for sharing
  11. Hey everyone! So I’ve got my first interview soon, and it’s for a life science graduate program. I’m interviewing with the admission committee and not a POI. This makes it little tricky as I’m unsure what kind of question would they ask and what I should prepare. It’s a 20 minute Skype call (as I’m an international candidate). It’s my understanding that since it’s with the admissions committee, I don’t have a specific professor whose work I should familiarise myself with (I’ve mentioned 4 POIs in my SOP who’s research interests resonates with my own). If someone has gone through such a process, I would highly appreciate some advice about the interview process and what kind of questions I can expect.
  12. Hey! I am an international student too (also from India). Applied to neuroscience and biomedical programs. I just received a single interview invite and no response from the others. Upon emailing a few universities, I was told that they send interview invitations as late as mid-February, regardless of the domestic/international candidate. *fingers crossed for both of us*
  13. Hi! I was extremely insecure and applied to 15 programs - BU (Biomedical Sciences), Northwestern (Neuro), Vanderbilt (Biomed Sciences), Baylor College of Medicine (Neuro), U of Utah (Neuro), Purdue (Life Sciences), Uof Rochester (Neuro), Van Andel Research Institute, Wake Forest (Neuro), U of Pittsburgh (Neuro), Stony Brook (Neuro), U of Colorado-Boulder (Neuro), Penn State (Neuro), UT Health San Antonio (Neuro), Brandeis (Neuro). Has anyone heard from any of these universities?
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