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    MarylandGirl reacted to karlFrick in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    sorry to hear that... I was told by the grad cordinator that i was recommended by the program. he said i should expect a formal acceptance from the graduate dean. its been over 2 months now and no word formal letter of acceptance. I dont know what to think right now
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    MarylandGirl reacted to eek_ in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I just got an offer of admission to Johns Hopkins!
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    MarylandGirl reacted to hccgrl in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Just got an email to set up a phone interview with Maryland!!! So excited !!! 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to PhMe in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Yup, I made a decision. I got accepted to 5 programs, and chose GWU based on faculty research fit and the fact that they provided full funding. Paid the deposit, created the email address, etc. It feels like a huge relief, after so much waiting and deliberation. Tulane was one I wish I hadn't applied to. I got in, but they offer absolutely NO funding, and I'm an international student which disqualifies me from any NIH grants. 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to EpiNYC in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    The only program i’m waiting on now is Rutgers. 6/7 rejections so far. But surprisingly not crazily bummed. A good friend of mine in another field, applied to PhD programs 3 times. The last cycle she got an 8-year full funding package at an Ivy League! It was her dream program. So I like to think that things work out for a reason, and if you fail the first and even second time (like me) you try again, if this is something you really want!  
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    MarylandGirl reacted to hccgrl in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I'm just waiting for an official denial so I can move on with life.. 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to DrPHfall2018 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I was admitted by Pitt for the DrPH Behavioral and Community Health Science program.
    I also got admitted to Penn State DrPH program and Oregon State University's PhD Public Health program. I'm leaning towards Pitt.  
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    MarylandGirl reacted to FrozenFreshMeat in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I'm so sorry to see your post…just want to give you a big e-huge. Don't feel bad since you don't know what will happen before the infamous April 15th. 
    This is my application cycle #2. At the time when I got full rejections, I was determined to try again. It was not until I had been rejected did I realize how much I want to pursue a PhD. So…on the other hand, it may be a good sign for you to pursue the real life you want. A PhD is never equal to susccessful careers anyway.
    Hang in there & Don't take rejections too hard & Glad you are figuring out your choice by this exploratory journey & my e-hug
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    MarylandGirl reacted to HSRWannabe in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Hi all!
    Another lurker here. Thanks to everyone who replies to this thread-it's one of the few things that kept me sane throughout this process haha. Just want to claim the acceptance to the PhD program in Health Services Research and Policy at Pitt! Still waiting on GW.
    Good luck to everyone out there!
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    MarylandGirl reacted to FrozenFreshMeat in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Sorry for the confusion that caused by my post!!
    I was checking on my smart phone and couldn't see the whole decision. I saw "thank you" at the beginning and "we sincerely hope …" as an ending, then falsely assumed it as a rejection?
    So…turns out that I'm on the wait list…????
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    MarylandGirl reacted to hccgrl in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    You know, idk why they wait so long to notify the definite denials. 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to ianmleavitt in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Well, I have options at hand now. After a truly enjoyable visitation day two weeks ago, I've been accepted into the Public Health Sciences program at WashU in St. Louis! Feeling good that I get to make the choice now.
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    MarylandGirl reacted to mph2015 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    ? in at Ha(r)va(r)d!?!!! Oh my...totally unexpected. This changes things...
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    MarylandGirl reacted to epi_aspire in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I feel the same way! I was accepted to Harvard PHS-Epi today and I still can't fully believe it.
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    MarylandGirl got a reaction from pkv in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Just FYI for others--not for all JHU programs have been updated. Still in limbo on Population, Family, and Reproductive Health: "Application sent for review."
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    MarylandGirl reacted to emjayco in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I know. I was really beginning to resent that poor smiling student who thought she was just posing for promotional pictures and they put her on the WORST PAGE EVER. Poor lady.
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    MarylandGirl reacted to marval13 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Finally on Friday my first acceptance came through, I got an email from Emory
    I feel such a relief, good luck to everyone
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    MarylandGirl reacted to epi_phd2018 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Hi! I've been stalking y'all for a while now so I apologize that you didn't get my background!
    For the record: Accepted at UAB and Drexel, rejected at UW and Emory, waiting from basically everywhere else.
    Question for eeeeerin89 (and all other UGA applicants to the epi program): when did you hear back? I've been waiting in no mans land for months at this point, and my funding offers at other schools (i.e. UAB and Drexel) expire at the end of the month. Did you receive funding/contact potential advisors prior to your acceptance?
    Also CONGRATULATIONS to all of those who've gotten acceptances, and for those of you that haven't, don't lose the faith! There is still plenty of time left.
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    MarylandGirl reacted to B_behavioral_11 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    The intensity at which we are stalking dates and seeking patterns to understand the chaotic admissions process truly represents the nerds we are. Good luck everyone! 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to Chengjianning in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Just check the email and find I'm admitted into Brown EPI PhD Program! Five years full funding + health insurance + etc.!
    So excited!
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    MarylandGirl reacted to mph2015 in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    In at Brown! 99.9% sure I'll be accepting
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    MarylandGirl reacted to west_k in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Congrats on the interview! Good luck!
    I'm not sure what "typical" questions are, but I can tell you the ones I've gotten. I also applied to social/behavioral programs.
    What do you think will be the most challenging part of pursuing a PhD for you? What are you looking to learn in the program? Is there a specific methodology you're interested in? What are you research interests? List a few research questions What are some structural barriers related to your research interests that you can identify? If you could do your dissertation tomorrow what would your question be and why? Design your dissertation survey/intervention- What methodology would you use? What type of intervention would you do to address issues you've identified? I also always have two groups of questions on hand. One group about the program itself and another related to POIs interests and past research. I've had good response to the questions "what makes a doctoral student successful in your program?" and "what is something unique to your program I can't find on your website?". Also- always ask about funding! One of my interviews it was my last question and the interviewer goes: "I always think something is off when students don't ask about funding."
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    MarylandGirl reacted to 00ber in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    I JUST GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE!!! The relief is extreme! UNC epidemiology PhD with my first choice of advisor 
    Good luck to everyone! I think several programs will be delivering decisions this week. 
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    MarylandGirl reacted to emjayco in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Accepted to University of Illinois Chicago's Community Health Services PhD through the portal today!
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    MarylandGirl reacted to FrozenFreshMeat in PhD applicants: Fall 2018   
    Ahhhhhhh got accepted by USC's population, health and place program without interview!!! ???
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