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  1. I don't usually hear of people having graduate degrees before going into programs such as MBA or Law. My best friend just graduated from law school and I'm pretty sure few to no people in her program had anything but undergraduate degrees before they started.
  2. So for those of you on this thread that have found apartments in Denver, how far ahead did you start looking for one before your desired move in time? I'm planning to move in August, but am willing to pay for part or all of July if I can secure something I really like. I don't currently live anywhere near close to Denver and I'm trying to figure out when I should plan my trip to come look at apartments since I don't want to sign a lease without seeing the place in person. When I've looked on websites like craigslist, zillow and trulia a lot of the postings are for places that are opening up ve
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum! So first I would suggest maybe posting specifically in the Biology forum since people on that forum may be able to help more specifically with your questions related to biology and be able to know more about the programs you are interested in (there is even a thread pinned to the top where you can ask questions about the PhD application process), but posting here is a great starting point! It sounds like you have a lot of experience and a lot to put on your application, but I am definitely not as familiar to those applying to more human medicine-oriented bi
  4. @samman1994 I've personally not seen a lot of room listings on Zillow at least in the location I've been looking, so maybe make sure those aren't just really good deals? That's not to say the location you are looking in couldn't have room listings on Zillow those but that hasn't been my experience with Zillow when I've used it for a couple different locations. They could also maybe be scams though I don't see scams as much on Zillow as I do on Craigslist. One thing you could try on Zillow is to use their filters. You could filter Zillow to specifically only show 1 bedroom apartments since
  5. Furthering that this is a great think to do before starting a program in the fall! I'm definitely doing this myself. When I was good about staying on top of eating well and exercising during my masters, I was at my peak productivity. So I'm going to try and make and keep healthy habits all summer so hopefully they will stick and I don't fall back into my lazy ways when I move later this summer. As @rising_star suggests slow cooker recipes can be great for grad school. In general if you can find recipes that you can easily make enough of to have leftovers, I find that these really get you
  6. I agree with everyone else who says I don't think it belongs in your application. I also agree with @BabyScientist that if it comes up naturally during the interview or visitation process I think it is perfectly acceptable to mention it then. I say this because this is exactly what I did during my application process with my partner this year. I never mentioned that I was jointly applying with my partner in any of the application stages but if it came up naturally during an interview or a school visit I would mention it then. I did this because I didn't want to be taken any less seriously and
  7. I'm glad I was able to help and that you are excited about everything coming up for you! No problem about speaking frankly about receiving some financial help from my parents. I think if they are willing and it is financially feasible for them and they aren't paying all of your expenses, then you can think of your masters as a route to becoming truly financially independent from them - this is how I approached it. My parents helped with stuff like car insurance, cell phone, and health expenses but otherwise I covered all of my other expenses (rent, bills, groceries, car maintenance, etc.)
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you again for all the tips and give an update. I'm not done yet with my written thesis but I did just successfully defend it with my committee and got their comments back on it. They provided really good feedback that I think is really gonna help improve the final product. Apparently one of my committee members who rarely hands out compliments on peoples writing told my advisor that he was impressed by it, so I guess I did something right. I'm going to take their edits and start working on them now before it gets submitted to the graduate school, but also wh
  9. I just wanted to update and say that everyone's tips really helped me in pulling together a really good, solid seminar this past week! Everyone who I've talked to complimented my presentation so I guess it went pretty well. I think the only thing I could have done better was to have maybe have had one more day of practice, but unfortunately less than 48 hours before my presentation my PowerPoint turned all my pictures into red X-es so that unforeseen mishap took away a few hours I had been planning on practicing during (and I had some personal stuff come up that previous week that made me less
  10. So I think @TakeruK covered a lot of what I was going to contribute (their point about microaggressions really hit home for me as a woman in STEM) but I also wanted to say that these statements above don't really match up with what I and other women in STEM have experienced, especially the latter statement about sexist behavior being constrained to the older generations. I actually experienced behavior by male graduate students that are approximately my age (mid 20s-ish) during one of my prospective school visits that frankly can be considered sexual harassment, and unfortunately this experien
  11. @cinderellasyndrome I have to agree with @SomeoneThrewMyShoe that from the outside you really seem excited about School B and I think being excited can go a long way. It really sounds like you want to branch out away from your alma mater and experience something new (new area, new colleagues, etc) at School A. That could be a really good thing for you because living in a new area can really help you grow as a person and help you figure out that you may want different things out of life than if you hadn't branched out and gone to that new place. Also if you plan on staying in academia you usual
  12. So most schools have a minimum GPA you are required to be admitted so as long as your GPA doesn't fall below that (which is usually a 3.0) I highly doubt they would rescind your offer, and frankly even if you did fall below that minimum I don't think many schools would rescind their offer. My advice would be to look up the admissions requirements for your school/program and as long as your GPA is going to stay above or very near that minimum I think you will be fine.
  13. Honestly your first statement sounds like a perfect example of confirmation bias. You, and the others who pay attention to it, expect to see women getting into "higher tier programs" since you think they are getting chosen because of their gender, so you do and because you are looking for this "evidence/pattern" you focus on it to strengthen your argument that this trend is occurring even though it might not actually be a real trend. Have you looked for evidence that contradicts your belief that women get an advantage getting into higher tier math programs? Because recognizing contradicting ev
  14. I'm in a similar place with my Master's thesis! Sent my thesis to my committee Monday of this week, giving my seminar and defending next week!!! The end is in sight! And then I can start worrying about housing in my new location and getting my thesis ready to be sent off to journals...
  15. From my experiences so far in grad school (finishing up my Master's and just finished the decision of where I will attend PhD) I don't think it matters maybe what kind of research you have done as long as you have solid research experience. I definitely applied to labs where the research being done isn't necessarily things I have done before and I was a very competitive applicant based off of the fellowships I received and such. Do you have publications that are going to come from your time in that research lab? Or presentations? Because I think those things go a long way in showing you a
  16. I wholeheartedly agree with this! My partner and I were definitely dissatisfied with the area we did our Master's at and we know for sure that this affected our happiness and productivity. Once we realized this though we did our best to do things that made us happier and more productive. So there is a component of making your own happiness if the area isn't ideal, but if you don't actively try to do this it is easy to get really dissatisfied with your life because of the area. Also we worked really hard on our PhD applications to ensure that we would get out of our current area. And in looking
  17. Thank you! It is exciting to finally know. During my visit I unfortunately saw some behavior by some male graduate students in the department that made me uncomfortable and while I recognize that this behavior is probably not representative of most people in the department these are students who I may have to work closely with if I chose to attend this program. Considering this, I just did not feel comfortable looking past these things since these are things that if they happened regularly would make me unhappy and unproductive in that department. I am still trying to figure out how to be
  18. I have finally made my decision which is a HUGE relief! The only downside is that I did have my decision kind of made for me since the environment in one of the departments I was accepted at and visited is not an environment I would be happy in for 5-6 years. But that does go to show that if you have the ability to visit a department before accepting you really should since a visit can help you be aware of major red flags you might not know about unless you visit.
  19. Hello again everyone! After making visits to the two schools I was accepted at it made my choice very clear since the departmental environment at one of the schools was not the type of environment I want to live in for 5-6 years. So knowing that I am really excited to say I will be attending the University of Denver! I loved my visit there and think it's a really good choice for me. Plus I get to live in a completely new part of the country and I am thrilled about that! Also I finally heard back officially from UMass and it was a nice enough rejection letter. I wonder if that was the
  20. Go for the adventure! I'm in a similar situation and if you are really wanting to experience a new environment you really should try it out or else you might regret just staying in your comfort zone and not branching out. Because that's kinda how I am viewing my decision. Also I have heard that some people view moving to a different area of the country for your PhD as a really good thing, especially if you are planning on staying in academia, since it shows you are able to make and handle a big move like that. Also if you get to experience a new area you will have more information about that n
  21. I would just kindly email your POIs at LSU and SIU and let them know the situation so they are on the same page as you. They will completely understand that you applied elsewhere and if you can let them know your situation that could maybe help get things settled and maybe even hear back from LSU about funding more quickly.
  22. Hi! I have been applying with my partner and we are also lucky to both have offers at more than one school! We are in a bit of a different situation because we applied to completely different programs (Biology and English) but we do have some mismatch about research interest/fit between us for the schools and unfortunately I don't have a great answer to that since we are still working through the decision. But I did want to let you know that I commiserate with the difficulty of trying to make a joint decision! It's hard because you want to make the decision that is best for you but also you wa
  23. @rising_star thank you! that is always one of my go to's when practicing a new presentation! I will be practicing it several times with my advisor as well to fine tune it.
  24. @Psygeek when I was figuring out my structural issues/redundancy I printed out a copy and that helped a lot. I agree that seeing it on paper somehow helps. Also I like your point about maybe finding the paragraphs that are extra long and figuring out if they really need to be that long. That makes a lot of sense and will be something I look at in the next round of revisions.
  25. Wow thank you so much for all of this! This will really help me when I am preparing! Also I really appreciate the info on how to make it approachable to a broader audience. That really helps me figure out how I need to structure the overall talk. I luckily have an extremely solid and well-practiced conference presentation that I have been expanding off of so I have some great slides that will remain unchanged and a great source of already made figures.
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