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    Actually planning to enter grad school in the summer or fall of 2019, but the profile wouldn't give me that option. Super excited, but super nervous!!!!
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  1. A little late on this thread, but I wanted to ask...if you're from out of state, is there ANY point in applying to any of the Cal state schools? Do they pretty much only accept in-state?
  2. ATTN MSW STUDENTS AND APPLICANTS: If you'd like to help a 2019 applicant/potential classmate out, PLEASE give me advice on ways to improve my application/credentials before I apply and also give me thoughts and opinions on the programs I plan to apply to. Link is here: 


    Thank you!!!!! :)

  3. Hey all! I just joined GradCafe, and I am so stoked but also nervous about the fact that applying for grad schools is just around the corner. Right now I am feeling so nervous because I know my credentials are not where they need to be. I'm graduating early in December, but since most grad schools don't do spring start and heading straight to grad school with no break would be INSANE, I am planning on finishing out my lease here. Then I'll be applying for summer and fall start dates at multiple schools. I have a few school ideas, which I'll state down below. I plan to earn a Masters in Social
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