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  1. Hello! I just saw your post on the psych board, too. I'm entering the Psych masters program in the fall. I have a million questions, but I'll try to keep it short for now. What is something you wish you had known prior to entering the psych program? What is something you wish you had known prior to moving to Winston Salem?
  2. I graduated undergrad at 23. Started grad school at 24. Now I'm 32 and switching fields. I'm starting my psychology masters in the fall, so the hope is that I'll be 34 when I start a PhD (...again).
  3. I don't know if this is advice or just a reality check. Whatever it is, I hope it's helpful. You're going to be told by many people that you're super intelligent with a lot of accomplishments so you're basically guaranteed to get a spot in a PhD program and probably a top one. You are super intelligent and accomplished, but it's REALLY hard to get into a program. You're competing against people who are just as super intelligent and accomplished as you (maybe more so). Don't feel entitled to a spot. Don't put a ton of pressure on yourself that you MUST get in this year. Do apply to a realistic set of schools (not everyone can get into a top school and not every top school is right for you)
  4. An alternative account. I emailed the place I was waitlisted on Tuesday. Then, they emailed me back to schedule an interview for Wednesday (they mentioned in the email that they were glad I reached out and showed I was still interested) and we had the interview. Wednesday night I was accepted. So moral of the story, I dont think there's any harm in reaching out now to ask about your status and let them know if you have the intention to go there if you get off the waitlist.
  5. I got the unofficial email, but I'm still waiting on the official letter from the graduate school. Once that comes, I will accept my offer from Wake Forest wooo!!!
  6. Well, the school says I'm still waitlisted and I should hear a decision "soon." Obviously, I'm super grateful that the opportunity is still live, but I have been on edge since submitting in November. I look forward to some certainty in my life.
  7. Is everything completely decided at this point? One possibility I thought of was that, depending on the time people turned down offers yesterday, there might be some waitlist movement today. I emailed the program where I'm waitlisted and I haven't heard back. I'm just wondering if there's absolutely 0% chance I'll get in now.
  8. *joins you in freaking out, though I also have a presentation tomorrow and am going to make cupcakes for the class, so maybe that will keep me distracted ah!*
  9. philopsych


    Just saying: waitlist solidarity! My only options right now are two waitlists. I was just talking to my mom about if I should try to rank these two in case I get in. It seems too hopeful to think I'll get both (and also probably false), but I'm also someone who always wants to be prepared for every scenario. Here's some hope for you: I was accepted off the waitlist for my current PhD program midday on April 15th. It's a different field, but I would guess that the same holds for Psychology.
  10. I don't have that information, but I'm just dropping in to say I'm also interested (waitlisted there). Who do you want to work with there?
  11. I'm new to psychology as a profession. With previous grad school applications, when I was on a watilist, it was perfectly acceptable to ask for updates about status and, often, schools would offer updates without me asking. From what people are saying here, this seems like it's different in psychology. As I'm sure you all can sympathize with, I'm getting really anxious as April 15th approaches. I would love to get an update on my chances, but that seem uncouth in this field. So, 1. am I right? 2. who else is currently at the mercy of one or more waitlists?
  12. This was talked about in another thread, but I want to see what you have to say about this. I have a niche interest and most of the schools that have labs working on it are top clinical programs. So, in addition to it being hard to get into a school to research what I want, it's also difficult to get research experience(who wouldn't want RA experience at one of the top programs). One of the PIs I interviewed with suggested that my best bet would be to get research experience in the techniques I want to use to pursue my niche interest, but maybe not the same topic (of course, same topic would be great, but it's just hard to find). Is this advice counter to the advice you've received?
  13. I've put this on here in bits and pieces before but I'm going to put the whole picture and see what people think. 6 weeks ago: You'll here back from us on day X. On day X, acceptances went out and I didn't hear anything. A few days later, rejections went out and I didn't hear anything. 3 weeks ago: you'll get a decision from us next week. 2 weeks ago: you'll hear from us soon. What's going on? I think if I was rejected, they would have told me by now. I'm thinking I'm on some kind of waitlist (and of course my mom is convinced that it's a super secret acceptance haha). Any thoughts?
  14. I hate to double post; but, as I mentioned in the other thread, this is desperation time. Does anyone think there's at least a possibility of them declining William & Mary or Wake Forest?
  15. Desperation post: anyone planning on turning down William & Mary or Wake Forest?
  16. I've been waiting to hear back from a school for like 3 weeks (they told me I'd hear back 3 weeks ago). Today the administrator emailed me to say that if I hadn't heard from the DGS yet, I'd hear from them soon. I was already refreshing my email obsessively, but now the stress level is even higher! What does soon mean? Ah! I'm so stressed!
  17. On Friday, I reached out again to the school that told me I'd get results two weeks ago (and I've seen people posting acceptances and rejections since then). They replied immediately and said I'd hear back early this week...so that has upped the stress. At this point, I just want to know what I'm going to be doing next year (whether it be school or an RA position). Where am I going to live? Will my fiance find a job there?
  18. I have super niche interests, but one of the people I interviewed with for a grad program gave me the following advice: I don't need to be in a lab that exactly matches my interests at this point in my career. Just apply for a similar skill set as you'll use on the PhD. So you want to use fMRI to study XYZ in grad school...apply to all the labs that use fMRI even if they're not for XYZ. Obviously I want to work in labs that study XYZ, but since there's like 2 of them, this is how I have to apply.
  19. Someone else posted this website: https://undergrad.psychology.fas.harvard.edu/post-graduate-research-jobs I'm also looking at Indeed, Glassdoor, and the job portals of schools that I know have labs I'm interested in. I just search "psychology research assistant" or "psychology lab manager."
  20. I'm in waitlist limbo, but I've been preparing for the worst for about a month and a half. In February, I started applying to research jobs. I've had some interviews, but no offers yet. My issue is that I don't have enough experience...but I can't get more experience because all of the positions that would give me more experience require experience. So yeah...I'm stuck.
  21. Question about contacting programs. Weeks ago I asked a masters program about the status of my app. They said I would hear by about 2 weeks ago. Well I saw acceptances and rejections since then, but I haven't heard anything yet. Since April 15th is quickly approaching, I was wondering when I should contact them again. I don't want to be a bother, but like hey it's my future and I want to know what's going on. What should I do?
  22. I don't really have any advice, but I just wanted to say "solidarity!". My only opportunities right now are waitlists, so it's a pretty stressful time. We just have to keep practicing self-care and hope for the best! Good luck!
  23. Does anyone have any insight about what's going on with Wake Forest? They told me I'd hear back last week and I'm still in the dark. There's been an acceptance and a rejection posted, and I've heard nothing. I don't think I should reach out to them again, so I was just wondering if anyone here had any info.
  24. Woah that Adelphi post! Is this an anomaly or did others who interviewed feel the same way?
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