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  1. Thank you! As far as 'over preparing' students - I feel like that will have some really beneficial long-term effects. If you're going to learn something, might as well learn it the right way. Short-term though, UGH. I don't have to worry about pre-reqs, except for the ASHA required statistics course but that should be ok. More Qs: Even though it's a year-round program I have to assume you still get occasional breaks per the academic calendar? Are the summer semesters equal in workload/time dedication? Do you know anyone that's doing a thesis instead of taking the comps? Pros/Cons? There isn't much information available on the topic. Also, I feel like that in order to take that route you would need to have a solid idea of your desired specialization and already have some ideas on what you'd want to research. Thank you again! I know there are people with similar questions that will hopefully read this. I'm super excited to be starting in the fall, and want to be as prepared as possible. This definitely helped.
  2. Looking for some insider knowledge on Temple's MA-SLP program. Are there any current/graduated students out there? I would love to hear about people's overall experience, likes & dislikes, strengths, weaknesses etc. etc. The accepted students orientation was pretty informative, but created more questions for me that didn't have time to be answered. The faculty all seem to be engaged and passionate about what they do, and they have great connections for a wide variety of internal/external placements in the city. Not looking for jokes about mumps 😐
  3. If anyone is interested in loan forgiveness options after graduation, do plenty of research and make sure youVOTE. The current administration is looking to gut some of these programs to get more money for a racist wall.
  4. I'm not going to ESU, but grew up very close to it and frequently visit my parents there. It's a really nice area (especially Stroudsburg, the town next to it). I can provide lots of tips for great food/bars, hikes and anything else if anyone is interested!
  5. I'm in the same boat. It looks like I'm going to be staying at my undergrad for grad school. I've been accepted to other programs with funding AND better facilities, but since my undergrad school is in-state (and ranked higher) and about 2 miles away from my house, it's going to end up being cheaper in the long run. Yes, I would love to go to a school with brand new facilities but is it worth the commute and extra debt? I don't think so. What you put into your education is what you'll get out, and you have to make the best of everything. It's only 2 years, which seems like a long time but I have a feeling will surely fly by.
  6. I second the babysitting thing. I've been doing it for 3+ years through undergrad. It (usually) pays really well for the time commitment and you're basically getting paid to observe speech/language development and gaining invaluable experience working with kids.
  7. I've started started trash picking furniture and refinishing it in my garage, if that's any indication of how anxious I am waiting to hear from schools. If this whole SLP dream doesn't work out maybe I'll have a career in...trash picking.
  8. I applied! Still haven't visited, but all my interactions with people there (especially the director, Dr. Iglesias) have been warm. The facilities look very pleasant, tons of plants and windows. From what I've heard it's very expensive, but most everyone gets some help.
  9. Has anyone had any issues with their CSDCAS GPA being calculated differently than what's on your 'official' transcript? Mine is dramatically different, for a specific reason. I started as a jazz performance major ?, did horrendously for a year, and then dropped out. After a 9-year hiatus I returned to school in my CSD program, and was offered to enact the policy of "Academic Forgiveness" which reset my GPA. This was awesome, as I started with a clean slate and didn't have to dig myself out of a GPA hole. All sunshine and flowers. After submitting my grad apps about a month ago, I realized that CSDCAS had calculated my GPA as 2.66. They included any/all attempts at courses, did not take the policy into account, and when I e-mailed them I got this response: "The reason that the GPAs are not showing similar is because we do have to include all grades in the GPA calculations that we do, so any attempt at a course will go into it. We do apologize for the inconvenience on this, the schools that you are applying to will have access to the official transcripts so if they would rather review those they absolutely can." This is fine, I suppose, but now I'm worried that my applications will be discarded as soon as they see my CSDCAS GPA. My 'official' GPA is 3.7 (a stark difference) and I'm worried that programs will breeze over this issue. Yes, they say they "look at the whole applicant" and "GPA isn't everything" but I have a feeling GPA is one of the first things they look at, and if that information is not correct then my chances of acceptance may be severely limited. I've reached out to the director of every program I've applied to, and most have been supportive and understanding, while others have not responded. I realize that this is a strange situation, but has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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