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  1. What is the thinking on sending POI a follow-up email after you don't get an interview invite? It appears that all the interview day invites have gone out, but alas my inbox is empty. I'd like to take this as a learning opportunity. I had contact with the POI prior to application submission. Is it inappropriate to reach back out?
  2. I'm guessing most are way too young to get this reference, but when I was growing up there was this commercial and it has been running through my head all day. It's barely light out and this soccer mom type woman is standing in front of a clothing department store. She has her face pressed up against the glass and is saying "Open, open, open, open, open." It played every couple months for the Mervyn's quarterly seasonal closeout sale. So anyway here I am clicking refresh on my email muttering "open, open, open" under my breath. Dear psych departments, just let me in.
  3. Just thought I'd bring a little levity to today. Enjoy: https://www.bmj.com/content/363/bmj.k5094
  4. I'm in a very similar boat! I ended up deciding against school psych programs, but applied to a special ed phd and clinical psych because the PIs were (seemingly to me) directly in line with my research ideas -- which are pretty well defined perhaps because I'm an older applicant. I'm scared that I don't stand a chance against psych ppl though.
  5. Noticed that someone posted an interview invite from UNC Chapel Hill on the results board. It just says "Psychology." If you're that someone, would you mind sharing which concentration? And if it's clinical, would you mind DM'ing me the POI name? If not, I totally understand. I'll just be breathing into a paper bag for a while. Don't mind me... ?
  6. And what kind of interview is it? Trying to figure out if they have a standard departmental interview days in Jan or Feb or not...
  7. How are you all preparing for interviews? Studying up on the PI's (and probably most of the department's) research is really all I've got so far. Any other ideas, tips, resources to check out?
  8. Can anyone else confirm that the UNC Chapel Hill application portal is kinda wonky looking? I submitted my app in early November. There are these green check marks next to all necessary doc titles, and it has a "submitted on" date. However, at the top it just says "Application Status for [Name] Grad- Psychology." Nowhere on the page does it say what that status is. No "Application Complete" nor "Pending Review" nor "Under Review." I received emails when I submitted and confirming each rec upload, but that's it. I think it's complete, but it would be nice if it said that or even better if it said it's being reviewed. Anyone else apply there and see a similar layout with no status lingo?
  9. Just saying hi and good luck to everyone! I've applied to a special education doctoral program and a clinical psych program -- I have a behavioral background, and I looked at faculty and clinic/lab experience opportunities in alignment with my research interests. ?The waiting game is no fun...
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