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  1. Anyone planning to decline University of South Florida? Currently on the waitlist and it's my top choice, so I'm really hoping to get an offer
  2. I just found this forum and have to say it is the BEST thing I've seen in months hahahah. What a stress relief during this anxious time!
  3. Here are my thoughts: 1. Is there no other way to obtain the CV? A lot of POIs will have their CV either on their faculty web page or on their own website. There's usually information about their recent publications somewhere as well. If it's your last resort, I think you can, but you don't want it to seem like you haven't looked around. 2. I personally would never call a POI or another professor by anything other than Dr. Last Name until they specifically told me to call them something else. Anyway, just my opinions. Good luck!!
  4. Okay, so they really just say it in case you have someone specific you want to meet. Got it, thank you so much!!!
  5. I have a question. I received an interview invite a few weeks ago with an RSVP form for the interview day to fill out. The email stated that my POI wanted to interview me. On the RSVP form they gave you the option of selecting up to 3 faculty members you wanted to meet with. Since I only applied to that POI, I only wrote his/her name down. I didn't want to ruin my chances with my POI by stating someone else whose research interests are not really aligned with mine. But now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably meet with more than one faculty member on the interview day. What do you all think? If I were to reach out, would I reach out to my POI or to the interview day coordinator. Does it make me look unprepared by now following up after it has already been submitted? Thank you!
  6. Hahaha if this ain't the TRUTH! I do everything possible to distract myself, but somehow I always end up refreshing, refreshing, refreshing.....
  7. To the Catholic poster, can you please post here so I can PM you? Currently a ball of anxiety!!
  8. No, and I'm dying over here!! It is one of my top schools and with the deadline for interview notifications being today, I cannot stop refreshing my email. UGH!!!!
  9. I never heard back, but many people have received interview invites since mid-December, so I'm presuming a rejection at this point ?
  10. To the person who got an interview from Loyola Chicago, was this a mass email?
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